Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Ashraf Gohar Goreja Poems

1. Return From The Lost Battle 5/28/2003
2. Stranger 6/16/2003
3. Balcony 7/3/2003
4. Peace 5/28/2003
5. Life 6/13/2003
6. Walking Alone 7/3/2003
7. Wisdom Of Your Thought 5/28/2003
8. Waiting Around The Corner 5/28/2003
9. White Gliding Horse 5/28/2003
10. Anjum...A Brilliant Star 5/28/2003
11. Travelling In Spring 5/28/2003
12. My Silent Visitor 5/28/2003
13. Unsold Bouquet Of Red Roses 6/16/2003
14. Breach Of An Oath 5/28/2003
15. Last Flying Kiss 5/28/2003
16. Statue Of Marble 5/28/2003
17. Preachers Of Love 5/28/2003
18. Thunder Of Pain 5/28/2003
19. Inclining Obsession 7/22/2003
20. Splendid Hiding Place 7/26/2003
21. Enchanting Queen Of Clouds 7/29/2003
22. Last Tear Of The Morning Star 8/3/2003
23. Sinking Beauty Of The Sunset 8/20/2003
24. A Loyal Spectator 9/23/2003
25. In The Dome Of Silence 5/28/2003
26. Fate Of A Broken Heart 7/10/2003
27. Stem Of Blue Rose 5/28/2003
28. Virtue Of Silence 6/16/2003
29. An Ocean In Your Eyes 7/13/2003

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Best Poem of Ashraf Gohar Goreja

An Ocean In Your Eyes

An Ocean In Your Eyes

By Ashraf Gohar Goreja

What a world is hidden
In your deep blue eyes.
An ocean of fascinating enamor
Incredible and captivating depth
Which makes the world prettier
And extend the never ending glamour.

What a world is hidden
In your deep blue eyes
A vast doom of bluish skies
Immensely open and horde
With shining stars and galaxies
Men desire to toss forever in your eyes.

Where glowing stars, emit the radiant light
For glairing the vast celestial sphere.
Numerous bleak hearts could ever ...

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How easily I became impressed
By a stranger in flashing, silver blue
Who was sitting gracefully, across my table
With her curious gaze she looked all around
And her beautiful deep, scarlet eyes
Like the first rays of morning sun
Emitting, bursting light from high heavens to skies.

With a tender glance, I saw her on my canvas,

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