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1. A Relationship 2/25/2014
2. A Valentine Unattended 2/25/2014
3. Bordering Joy 4/11/2014
4. A Holi Uncoloured 4/11/2014
5. Jostling The Day Out 4/13/2014
6. A Flight Through Mind's Age 4/17/2014
7. Motion In Space 4/19/2014
8. A Flight 4/27/2014
9. Blaze 4/27/2014
10. The Deep Gorge 4/30/2014
11. An Arousal 6/15/2014
12. Seducing Butterfly 6/18/2014
13. An Undertaking 6/29/2014
14. Alright The Great Union 7/5/2014
15. When The Star Will Not Shine 7/6/2014
16. Motionless 7/12/2014
17. A Dream Can Die 7/12/2014
18. Love Divine 7/12/2014
19. Pink @ Red& White 7/22/2014
20. Friend Frenzy 8/2/2014
21. Dark Princess 6/9/2014
22. Simile Of A Gem 7/15/2014

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Simile Of A Gem

A pearl is always a pearl
A doll may grow up
A cloud may groom into a mammoth
To shower over a thousand cracked earth;
You shall be that cloud
Hovering on the sky
Even if there is no thunder and no wonder
In the manner you cry
Thy acrylic sketch I draw
Behind the shapers' window,
Simile of a gem like you,
A beacon on an island tower
LO, a dream to turn tears into power…….

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A Valentine Unattended

Lot of words were said
Some remained unspoken
Tucked in reels were
Plush fun fare round-the-clock
Galore of wishes floated and kisses landed,
Dance was an encore naïve
Amid the aerosol of music
In an inebriated ambience.
Softer mystique souls

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