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cyber-hibernation..cryogenic-nightmare enslavement
The tyrannical telekinetic-net stifles progression
hyper dimensions siphoned ELEMENTS through pipeline connections
supply the RE-wiring finding intention..binding and guiding the -

The journey begins and the burnings intense-furthering the quest-
At the behest and the crest-a precipice..A TEST!
-infected perception and flesh possessed -
disturbing the blends of eXisTenZ within the 'swirling'..A direct descent -into the merky depths -reoccurring Deaths met and avenged-

through the storms of torment
im reborn, re-enforced, and fortified..absorbing
mortiftified by the morbid torrents
sorted and stored in the sorta corridors enormous..

If i stain these pages, they shall remain ageless..
as natural wonder and imagination..Under the MOONS glow-
suddenly blooms a whole garden, but the fruits shown to be rotten from the inside -forsaken soil-absorbed the seed to make it spoil-
splintered growth-foiled attempt to taint my soul...

Vacate the vortex of lunacy like vagrants,
forced to morph through the pavement
manuever in cadence, sutured left aimless
pain lets in smoldering scures..contagen

Dismantle thought along with time and space - encapsulate the Taste of life and all its hate... -excretion of tendencies taught with taint... Beneath the paint, exists Endlessly the pain..

- one must awaken through a MOMENT OF REALIZATION - growth exhibited - built with basics...A Real sensation...

Brain Morphage - gain forces & obtain strange portions that remain Morbid -
I escape orbit... 'AsTRo - navigating ' past the sadness plaguing - Actual Animating of Vast ' imagined maybes'
Possibilities & probabilities are building blocks and the ability to Really lock - on the the feelings brought - to the forefront...
Really bore the brunt - but formed the TRUST - boarded up & bordered SHUT - swarmed in DUST are remnants of a Past - Self... more than CRUST hardens evidence of a Cast - Spell... The Last Veil vanishes with a Fast Trail...

Funneling through the frequencies and frames fused
Brain amplitude - A Frey few fain - fueling the Brave to STAY TRUE
Flame Full - proving those 'strange jewels' attained through tutelage -Make Room for 'strength tools'- Pulling through pain - oozing innate soothing traits - In play - Spools of waste - Ruins traced... same pools
Poisoned schools - gated ghoulish - perused throughBreakthroughs & ''Unglued views'.. Mazes Maneuvered - The dumb tumble in tune with the drum - ''Industrialized Noose'..tamed, confused - decayed so cruel..

Establishing the tone immediately - settling in 'My Zone'..I'm free to let my Instinct Bleed
- with Ease the poems flow profusely - fusing growth and Gleaming beautifully
- perusing through un - opened Doors & choosing whats Untouched and pure
- Refueling for whats in store - my Gut says War..

Energy formed in A Swarm of Light - STORMSIGNITE - BORN TO FIGHT
What an Abnormal Flight - The Portal pipeline afforded Me to IgnoreTorrid Types
Fine lines Dissolve when my Mind evolves The Timeless Puzzles, Signs, and ALL

The pattern emerges
From Saturn seeded the SOUL
Battered & Beaten..a matter of feedingEVOL- utionary 'Ladders To Growth'
Natural Conversion..Once cancers start eating whats GOLD

Birthed into A Flaming Pit
An urgency at Birth - in the midst - Still maintaining it..
Gaining the proper balance of Knowledge & Self Consciousness
At The Helm - Never Lost in bliss - Tossed off Cliffs.. into An Odd Abyss..

Feel The Vibe
Its REAL Inside slides
It reveals The Signs

Sever the ties between Reality & Fantasy
And get tossed into Cyclones of Wondrous Realms
vision is No longer recognized within its boundaries
Perception comes from the Mental - 'An Invisible Eye'

A Passion Explored
Deep Within The core
Never Can Be Ignored
Always An Open Door

Tap into Telekinetic Tapestry's - Tailored intricately - Elements & Faculties..
Unknown to the 'Sciences at Hand' - Ancestral Footprints.. followed like diagrams in the sand
A frontier to the architecture - through the Art & Lectures from the hearts of Professors..
To the Dark Receptors and the parts in sectors..

A Cascade of Chaotic Contemplations
Cracks andDecay amongst the Honor & Ancient..
Gone are the days spent Following and Chasing..
Colliding with Unmeasurable Universal Frequencies

When the physical matter endsand mystical patterns are left to Extend..
Mind bending Journeys Begin..AsTRo Realms & Dream Worlds to Explore..
Open The Door and Unlock whats at the Core - 'THE ESSENCE RARE'..
It Bleeds for More - A Hunger like an Old Wave's..Taste for The Shore..

Simultaneously singing the surface while penetrating whats hidden submerged within Immersion - Visiting Earths been Awkward version of living disturbed & perturbed by Constant Turbulence..
Urges get the best of you - furthering Courage to dissipate & emerge as a Burden - an ineptitude averted with Determination and an assertive Nature - Caress The Groove - once in place to exhibit finesse & taste..
Groom what is to Bloom & Blossom - movements docile - soon the nozzle moves to hostile..
Now the Frequency has changed - providing the poetry to peak - The Passion is Palpable..igniting the soul..

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Flesh Weapons

cyber-hibernation..cryogenic-nightmare enslavement
The tyrannical telekinetic-net stifles progression
hyper dimensions siphoned ELEMENTS through pipeline connections
supply the RE-wiring finding intention..binding and guiding the -
cyphored senses-bio metrics encrypted-timeless genetics hermetically testing ''flesh weapons'..fibers embedded in unbridled kinetics-
aquiring tempest yet wiser-physics..
geometric-chemical-calibrrations designed directly -tieng the ancient devine amalgamation..bound in sacred vines -full of vital salvation
A Primal-Predation...unwinding the 'phasing-out'

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