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when my thoughts fly restlessly my pen moves relentlessly.....

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A Light Gone

A light from our family is gone,
Which enlightened our souls,
God has only left us to mourn,
The voice we loved is stilled,

I Dream

I dream,
Sitting in the wilderness of trees,
I dream,,
Of a world, where there is peace,

Invincible Time……

<Today is the ‘day after’ for yesterday,
And tomorrow is the day before for some other day,
None of the things in the world is fine,
Except the dramatic change and the mightiest reign of time,

Gud Bye School

Remembering the days when I stepped into d world unknown,
Crying in my parents arms reluctant to walk into the new life alone,
Then came a hand like god's own,
Wiping my tears off and making me smile like a clown,

Anna Hazare-A Story To Tell

A man,
Bent half with his staff
But head still standing tall,
With a smile that'll even make the sick heal,

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