They dragged Love out,
From the darkest hide,
They abused and scorned,
Molesting with deride;


The newborn cries and screams,
Unknotted from the mother,
It subconsciously realizes that:
It can never get another.

Sunsets and sunset years,
Have one thing in common:
The hand of God:
Sculpting successive forms,

A dream slipped out
Of the hands of the dying night,
Falling to pieces,
On the floor of dawn,

Egg, the oval charm,
Does more good than harm,
Whether its from your backyard,
Or a poultry farm.

Wrote a mother to her child:
Why do you say, I don’t understand,
I’ve brought you all way braving,
The scorching sun and blistering sand.

Horrendous, faceless Terror,
Diabolical fiends barged into school,
Spewing violence on innocent souls,
In religious garb trying to fool.


I missed you a lot
When you left me,
Your memory took away
My adored liberty.


Alone, all alone,
Trying to get from
Urban sands, a drop of
Love, that’s me!

The pink-lipped sky stoops
To kiss the silver-bodied eucalyptus,
The pale sun slowly sinks
At the darkening sight of betrayal.

That too was a day,
When you used to say:
In fair or foul weather,
We shall walk together,

It's true we see each other
Face to face, but you see,
There's a glass-sheet between us
That keeps us still two.


One whiff of rumour,
Disturbs us all;
One share of humour,
Thrills us all;

I fell in love with her
When she was twenty-three,
That’s when the umbilical cord
Set me free;

Kitty, catty,
Cute and pretty,
I love your green eyes;
Either you sleep,

Ask me not why I love
The leap year,
It gives me an extra day,
To spend with you!

Nor could I
Call her near;
Nor could I
Call her dear;

Do I have to open my eyes
To see you?
Never, yes, never;
Your aura brightens my shut eyes,

Caught in geometrics:
Points of beauty spots,
Lines, curves, angles,
Rising and falling


Honor Killing: No Honour

They dragged Love out,
From the darkest hide,
They abused and scorned,
Molesting with deride;
With sticks and stones,
They lynched the two,
Strangers and relatives,
Hounded them too;
They trampled dreams,
They crushed emotion,
They bruised and hurt,
They exulted commotion;
"Blacken their faces",
Some proposed with delight;
Some said, "stone them",
Some said, "ignite";
Some relished the idea,
Of tying them to a tree,
Then lashing them until,
From life they were free;
Wounded and fractured,
Wet with blood and sweat,
They panted for mercy,
They gasped for breath;
Blurred with tears they looked,
At them who were their very own,
So ruthless, so unforgiving,
Gashing souls, breaking bone;
Two helpless, hopeless, weaklings,
Unlocked from their embrace,
Faced a mob that extolled Love,
But set an example of bloody disgrace;
Butchered and in tatters they lie,
Without waves in cardiac line,
Their souls soar high up somewhere there,
Their tale becomes a forgotten headline.


Natasha brown 08 August 2022

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Natasha brown 08 August 2022


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Natasha brown 08 August 2022


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Scattered feathers have a tale to tell.

The lesson of gardening is that you have to bloom out of the muck in which you have been shoved.

A positive attitude is a burning match-stick to a pile of negatives.

The spires of churches, the minarets of mosques, the pinnacles of temples, the turrets of pagodas which are centers of spiritual leaders, mentors and guides have been overshadowed by high-rise condominiums which are havens nay, heavens of godmen. Does it not hurt God to see incarnates replaced by godmen, subsequently some of whom have been alleged scandalous? No one should dare to play God.

The gratitude of dumb creatures might not be verbal but it definitely uplifts the soul for having done something for someone, bird or beast.

We were born different. We grow different. Enjoy diversity because all of us have blood, all of share the same earth, the same air, the same water. Who are you to discriminate? Stop discrimination with steadfast determination.

After facing odds in life, evens are cherished better. When you are in light, further illumination cannot be cherished in the manner you are excited when light returns after a black out.

Make compassion your passion and see the difference you can make in the life of others and how it boomerangs on you.

True love mellows and untrue love yellows.

In a heartless world your family is the only heart that beats for you.

Life does not move as you wish; it moves as per the turns and twists of Time.

Incarnation is the miniaturization of the Formless Power pervading the universe into a human being to save mankind.

Never be so sweet that bees become a nuisance.

The body encases the soul for a specific period, which can never be infinite. Whether the cage is beautiful or ugly, attractive or disgusting, its gate is opened by Time and the liberated soul flies out, soaring to newer and newer destinations.

Tightly clasping hands in public is not the certificate of true love. Clasping hands in need is love indeed.

Each of is a part of the woven universe and this is not the only universe, there are many, many more. Obviously therefore, we are affected by the slightest stir like a pebble thrown into a water body creates rings of waves and each wave affects the other. We are beads of the endlessly coiled cosmos necklace.

Love is a bird that suddenly enters your sky. Don't en-cage it. Let it soar free and you shall not even know when it has made a nest on a branch of your heart.

All Beauty, is a reflection of God and the changes we see are waves that emerge and merge and emerge from the Eternal Ocean.

Cherish the Beauty of the Almighty in the ever changing costumes of Nature.

Kill yourself, why me? Stop smoking in front of me.

Cigarette: First it thrills, then it ills, then it's just ‘lls': Lullaby long sleep'

Look at the black soot inside: smoking is suicide.

One who laughs from his heart laughs last and suddenly when he realizes that everyone else has stopped laughing he laughs in embarrassment, others join him, and all laugh together. What a lovely exercise to elation and what a short cut to spreading joy.

Word is the acoustic conversion of thought. It is the aural perception of mental data. Body language, howsoever effective, cannot replace verbal expression of thought.

Smile in the worst of situations and get solutions of your problems.

Rush after peace and peace will run faster than you.

Peace is a mirage you see outside you. Close your eyes, see inside and behold that which you seek outside is waiting to be unveiled within.

Sow love and see a garden of blooming hearts around yourself.

A poet is a painter without colors, brush and palette.

Happiness is not commodity or else the entire stock would have been the monopoly of the rich.

Every newborn: man, beast, bird and insect is an assurance that the world shall not be barren.. …..Let not religion be the cause of terrestrial barrenness.

Religion is a dangerous proposition. It teaches ‘peace' but ends up in ‘pieces'.

Returning Awards only proves that the mighty pen has become impotent,

When the nib of your pen turns blunt, it's shamefully natural to return awards in protest.Change the nib and let words shriek against injustice.

Age kills life in broad daylight still age goes scot-free for another kill.

The unseen is always the most beautiful for what is seen always has some or the other flaw, hence the impeccable beauty of the Divine cannot be described by the most perfect narration in any religion.

Trust in God and do the right and don't use your religion to fight

Chocolate softens, ice-cream melts, beauty wrinkles so how can any relationship be an exception. You are never in the same water in a river.

When the skeleton in the cupboard is ‘family feud', its bones make the best poll soup; the tastiest for enemies and frenemies alike. It tends to disorient people from party manifestos and the potentiality of candidates. It strikes the opponent's nerve where it aches worst and might denigrate even to the extent of pushing the candidate out of the poll fray. So why not resort to it? After all, isn't everything fair in a democratic war? The shrewd politicians know this well.

Hopelessness is helplessness, the beginning of the end, so hold on to, 'HOPE'

The devil is no outsider, he is just the over-powering part of me. The creator is pushed to hell by the created.

To be an identifiable face on the canvas of the faceless crowd don't be ‘ordinary' rather let the ‘extra' cognizably jut out of the ‘ordinary' by your own efforts rather than depend on Fate.

The word ‘like' in the Facebook is painful when a heart-rending photo upsets my conscience and I am expected to ‘like' it. Doesn't that ‘like' depict me as a sadistic person who likes the agony portrayed just as the vampire ‘likes' blood or else what am I ‘liking'?

The creator is greater than the created, the inventor greater than the invented and the discoverer greater than the discovered, so how can a man play Godman who is a petty creature of His making and be a replacement of his Creator?

He is not a saint who has freed himself from the mesh of relationships but he who performs his duties towards ‘relationships' and yet remains aloof to free himself from worldly attachments.

It's better not to follow any religion because it makes you a member of a group which no matter how idealistic and humanistic tends to distinguish between members and non-members. The schism of ‘we' and ‘they' blinds understanding and instills superiority complex amongst members of a group.

By present parameters I don't belong to the rich bracket. I am poor when compared with crores of people across the world but I am rich when compared to ten thousand crores or more people.

Comparison in itself is not bad. It is its nexus with the frustration, disappointment, disenchantment and distress with all their concomitant pathogenic disadvantages of which one becomes a victim when one finds himself at a lower point on the scale of achievement which is bad.

Work distribution of deities is a common feature of Hinduisim. It helps you select the right deity to solicit boons and helps you concentrate on your aim. Each deity is a facet of the Ultimate Power.

God does not become big or small whether you write ‘GOD' or you write ‘god'. God does not cease to exist, if you don't believe in God. God is not established, if you believe in him. What God is He who is dependent on your belief?



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