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When I am Earth's,
And tempests rise,
Cast at calmless sea,
Of restless spice.

You were a making of my dream
A fragment awe
The dream I had.

I loved you when you were beautiful
I love you still now when you are not.
I loved you when you were a virgin.
I still love you when that is gone.

Let me give you a reason!
When you find me unloved
Lonely and lost
Broken and frail

This thing called death
Sits on a hill
And watches lovers dancing
Promising forever

She is the woman of my dreams.
Yet if I cannot own her in my sleep
Where only I and her are real,
I cannot put my heart at war

And if the wind of shoreline sand,
The trees would hear her tune,
They'd sing a coral river band
Of midnight sunny noon.

Time Expires fast on us
Days depart and moments pass
But I was your sky
And you my stars

Sunshine glitters wooing wind
Soothing hearts of men my kind
Then dust calls me brother
And my mother, mother

And if instead of walking forth
I'd stand besides as trees,
The slug and snail that pass me by
Shall die when miles ahead!

I surrender
With not just a part
To render lost
And slave to your heart

Little angel of a dream,
You are my singing sun.
And when its dim and dusk,
The night is falling fast,

If you hit me,
We are at war;
If you love me,
I must give back.

Give me a reason to be fine,
To hold and not let go.
Even when there is no shine
To glitter than before.

She realized she was a star
and dwelt beyond the sky.

People own people
and call it love.
But love is when rejected
and feeling lost,

My love for you was timeless
And love for you was sure
Alit a heart of furnace
So beautiful, so pure.

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When I Am Earth's

When I am Earth's,
And tempests rise,
Cast at calmless sea,
Of restless spice.
I find my magic
and my peace
Simply singing
When I'm yours.

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Life does not lend you only the first and the second chance, these are endless while alive.

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