Austyn Chimbuoyim Poems

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My Treasured Guest Host

More than an august visitor O Lord Thou tower, height-less Hast Thou chosen to be called a guest To a house whose landlord Thou art?

My soul's life-giver, more than a maker In Thee nothing separates both. Recalling Thy past presence in me, I'm left hungry and longing for more

Which Way To Your Heart...?

Which way to Your heart, Lord? Not as if I've come to a cross-road, Just wary of the one I currently tread on.

My Three Sonnets Plus Two (The Sower)

The seeds in the Sower’s hand,
With time makes a reaper of him.
Better still the fallowed land,
And the barn may not contain.

My Music Potion

I heard a beautiful song
Of course I could sing along
Before I knew I was drifting off
Lulled in the lyrics’ deep waters.


Everyone has got their special day to reel in
Pleased to be by the limelight about them
In incredible revel of a new found Gem
Portrayed as such at dawn of the morning.

Like Never Before

How could I this tale tell,
Of a feeling I never had, or never should?
But mon coeur or ma tete, one thinks so:
That I feel all alone and ignored.

Silent Sonnet

When I heard his silence,
I knew he couldn't make more sense,
Even as he passed the option of self-defense
Amidst the weather so cloudy and tense.

Chrismas Dialogue With Raph


I listened hard for a crowd's timely cheers,
Raucous but yet pleasant,

I Never Ran

I never ran to win the race
Have rarely done.
The aim remains to cross the line;
And not to prove a faster pace.

Nigeria's Mood Today

In the chronicles of recent times,
Of a time called today;
The scribes wrote about the dawn,
Forgetting the terrors of the night before.