Autumn Winds

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Once there was a girl
Not that far away
Who loved and laughed
And danced and played

All the things I thought would last

Disintegrate before my eyes

A shooting star
Makes it's way across the sky
A traveler in the placid night

We're just a drop in ocean
Or dust in the wind
A wish on a star
Or a dream thats long dead

The sun dies
The star cries
The moon waxes and wanes

Sweet Sleep

A haven

Like a drop of rain
A petal slowly lands

Sitting on a cloud
In the middle of the sky
Watching the world
As it passes by

I am the words of the lost
And broken
The words that ring with truth
Even as they hurt to hear

My beautiful lie
Bright and incandescent like the stars
And just as unattainable
Will you lead me through darkness?

It's been almost a year
Since we turned here
I can remember the flames like yesterday
Purposely drowning in sound

Shatter me slowly
It's doesnt matter
I'm almost gone anyway

Throw me in the fire


The light house shines as a beacon
To the travelers at sea
Staring up at our dismembered constellations
Where there's a shadow

She went quietly
The broken girl, sitting in the rain
But no one knew her secret pain
Just a whisper and a name

Autumn is coming
With gentle breezes
And howling winds

Broken toys
Lie in the back
Unused, untouched, unloved


Rain is falling
Dropping from a vast
Sea of grey
Like someone crying


Scream at the world
For all your pain
For all your worries

Come what may
With love and life

Of ups and downs
And long lived strife

Waves of brilliant blue
Gently lap against the shore

Quiet lullabies play

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I love writing and hope you enjoy my poetry I consider my self a musician, poet, and artist)

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Amanda Todd

Once there was a girl
Not that far away
Who loved and laughed
And danced and played
Then one day
While she was talking with her friends
She made a mistake
That would haunt her till it's ends
They called her lovely and dazzling
They called her perfect and stunning
Thinking it would do none harm
She sent it over, right into their arms
A year went by
Along with everyday life
Then one day a message came
He threatened to expose her
To everyone that knows her
But she ignored the menace.....
On Christmas Break
Came a knock on the door
He had sent her photo everywhere
To all, what she had ever dared
Her friends had shunned her
She became the loner
Addicted to drugs
She slowly sunk down
Another new school came and went
But still the picture was sent and sent
Depressed and alone
She needed someone
But no one came or cared
Weather she lived or breathed
The air
So she used pain as an escape
Tried to drape her pain
In bleach
The mystery man
Still unknown to her
Had created a page to
Drive all who she had left, away
Alone and depressed
Stressed and done crying
She finally did what everyone said she should
She took her own life

All she needed was someone there
Someone to care
Her name was Amanda Todd
This was her never ending story
This was her life

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Autumn Winds Popularity

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