Ayaan Naseer Poems

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Demonic Beauty

That white snow on the raven's back
Beauty personified to be it's own flack
It is cold that now fills my heart's crack
How much i need her i know from her lack


Where the brain utters no word
Where happiness seems absurd
Where hearing of ears is blurred
Where all the pleas are demurred

The Blue Throat God.

Demons traveling on untrodden ways
I'm counting my final days
A bedridden monk full of agonizing pain
Who shall be tortured, who betrayed

Dark Like Fire

Dark like fire burning my heart
Oh eternal silences come tear me apart,
Leave me in shreds and crush my soul
You who resides in night awake like an owl.

Tell Her

Tell her my cage needs to be broken
My sleeping heart needs to be woken
Take this as my sweet love's token
I remember you when you have forgotten.

Parting Gift

The moon lives in my windowsill
I give you my blood in Goodwill
Take my heart as a parting gift
Take my bones, spend them in a thrift

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