B. R. Dionysius

(1969 - / Queensland / Australia)

B. R. Dionysius Poems

1. Darling Downs Earless Dragon 5/28/2012
2. Spotted Tailed Quoll 5/28/2012
3. Regent Honeyeater 5/28/2012
4. Eastern Bristlebird 5/28/2012
5. Beeble Gas 5/28/2012
6. [excerpt From The Negativity Bin] 5/28/2012
7. Browning Street 5/28/2012
8. The Ladder Of Creation 5/28/2012
9. Flow My Tears The Cs-X Said 5/28/2012
10. Lords Of The Flies 5/28/2012
11. Alisha’s End 5/28/2012
12. Dark Thesis 5/28/2012
13. Boobook Owl 5/28/2012
14. Strangler Fig 5/28/2012
15. Double-Eyed Fig Parrot (Coxen's) 5/28/2012
16. Red Shift 5/28/2012
17. The Waste Stream 5/28/2012
18. Visy Recycling Memorandum, 2003. 5/28/2012
19. Geometrics 5/28/2012
20. Geometrics Ii 5/28/2012
21. Stung 5/28/2012
22. Gone Shooting Ken And I Home Later Warren 5/28/2012
23. Xxxxxxiii. The Enigma Of Adolf Hitler 5/28/2012
24. Les Murray, Removalist 5/28/2012
25. Albert's Lyrebird 5/28/2012
26. The Conference Of The (Underemployed) Birds 5/28/2012
27. Xxxxxxv. An Allegory Of Time 5/28/2012

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Best Poem of B. R. Dionysius

Xxxxxxv. An Allegory Of Time

No doubt some thorough American manual can give you the low down on Europe's margins but mine, designed for only one traveller is better written & much shorter. Besides, if you remove the art, Europe's like the US, more or less a dead loss.

John Forbes, Europe: a guide for Ken Searle

Three ruby jewelled seeds
free fall between the pomegranate's
cosmetically enhanced skin
& the forefinger of the pre-pubescent
Christ child. This fruit stigmata;
pre-Christian underworld throwback
makes Martin Johnston pause, smile,
push his glasses back up the long ...

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Boobook Owl

If they had been Roman, then someone would have

Died every night for months on end as the Boobook

Owl’s chime coursed through the evening like a late

Night telephone call’s bad news. Metronome regular,

The beat of its hoot shelled them relentlessly, enfilading

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