Babatunde Olusegun Ajayi Poems

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O Holy Success, My Success.

O holy success, my darling success,
Weather indigo or starry, it'll glow,
As fountain vessel of blood
In my sweet faithful heart.

Come Back Home! .

Come on home babe
Come, come back baby
Come back my sweet love
Come, the home is for you

If I Were A King.

Let the globe be sold
For uncountable priceless currencies of gold,
I would have lived my entire
Life, everything to satisfy your desire,

Two Hearts.

From forever till now, two hearts.
Bitter sweet, coldly hot,
Tears in our secret places
Because we are far apart,

Letter To God.

Letter To God.
As a lamb amongst wolves.
In that hut was i breed.
Even though I'd snow gloves.

Olaniyi Olanisebe.

Tears on my eyes pilot the blood
Blood brotherly love that theme my pen
Like a twilight you bid to pen down dirge poem,
Mama Earth an untold goodbye,

Michael Jackson

Michael most memorable millenium man,
Like a twilight the Sun, sinking shiny,
As an array gorgeous Moon, moving moody,
Jackson jovially joins just judges, eternal entry.

Remember The Time

Remember the time when we
play like tomorrow shall never
happen, we imagine like the
sky`s at our forehead, as

Once Upon A Poet.

Once upon a Poet, the theme of my poem,
Written in slumbering mid, coldly tatched's poet's pen,
Explore and survey this moonless skies
My name been written in Rainbow colored Flies,

Midnight Rainbow.

The night's so long
Like there's no tomorrow
Gaze at the shinning
Stability of the Stars