Babette Deutsch

(1895 - 1982)

Babette Deutsch Poems

1. Ballet School 2/15/2016
2. It Is There 2/15/2016
3. Lioness Asleep 2/15/2016
4. Natural Law 2/15/2016
5. Need 2/15/2016
6. Petrograd 2/15/2016
7. In August 2/15/2016
8. Dawn in Wartime 2/15/2016
9. Lizard at Pompeii 2/15/2016
10. The Net 2/15/2016
11. No Moon, No Star 2/15/2016
12. Damnation 2/15/2016
13. Two People Eat Honey 2/15/2016
14. Piano Recital 2/15/2016
15. Seascape 2/15/2016
16. The Phoenix 2/15/2016
17. History 2/15/2016
18. Megalosaurus 1/19/2015

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A MONSTER like a mountain, leathern limbed,
With eyes of sluggish ore and claws of stone,
He heaved his thunder-throated body, rimmed
By marsh fires human eyes have never known.
A monolith carved out of savage night,
He hid in his impenetrable hide
Muscle and blood, and nerves to sense delight
And agony that tore him when he died.

The clumsy terror of his frame has gone
The way of his blind, simple savagery.
Out of his casual bones men build the dawn
That bore and bred such brutish ...

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Natural Law

If you press a stone with your finger,
Sir Isaac Newton observed,
The finger is also
Pressed by the stone.
But can a woman, pressed by memory's finger,
In the deep night, alone,
Of her softness move
The airy thing
That presses upon her
With the whole weight of love? This
Sir Isaac said nothing of.

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