Christina Georgina Rossetti Baby Poems

A Baby's Cradle With No Baby In It

A baby's cradle with no baby in it,
A baby's grave where autumn leaves drop sere;
The sweet soul gathered home to Paradise,

Baby Lies So Fast Asleep

Baby lies so fast asleep
That we cannot wake her:
Will the angels clad in white
Fly from heaven to take her?

Why Did Baby Die?

Why did baby die,
Making Father sigh,
Mother cry?
Flowers, that bloom to die,

I Know A Baby, Such A Baby

I know a baby, such a baby, -
Round blue eyes and cheeks of pink,
Such an elbow furrowed with dimples,

Motherless Baby And Babyless Mother

Motherless baby and babyless mother,
Bring them together to love one another.

Our Little Baby Fell Asleep

Our little baby fell asleep,
And may not wake again
For days and days, and weeks and weeks;

Baby Cry

Baby cry -
Oh fie! -
At the physic in the cup:
Gulp it twice

My Baby Has A Mottled Fist

My baby has a mottled fist,
My baby has a neck in creases;
My baby kisses and is kissed,
For he's the very thing for kisses.

My Baby Has A Father And A Mother

My baby has a father and a mother,
Rich little baby!
Fatherless, motherless, I know another

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