Francis Duggan Baby Poems

A Baby Of Sperm

I cannot say that i was ever a stud
As sex goes one might say a bit of a dud
On my next birthday i will turn seventy three
There isn't a baby of sperm left in me

Before The Baby Walk

Before the baby walk the baby has to crawl
And the baby rise again after a fall
And on the life's journey pitfalls on the way
Some new challenge we have to face every day

Baby Sparrows

Under the house eaves all day long I hear them
The nestling sparrows in their nest of hay
That is lined on the inside with small feathers
They cannot sing they chirp all through the day.

Baby Ella Gibson

Cannot understand a word she does say
Yet she is so clever in her baby way
She crawls around the kitchen floor
And opens every cupboard door

Before The Baby Learns How To Walk

Before the baby learns how to walk the baby must crawl
And what applies to one baby does apply to all
Your first lesson from the book of life began on your life's first day
And from life we never stop learning it does seem this way

Before The Baby Learns To Walk

Before the baby learns to walk the baby has to crawl
And every day day we live we learn something new and that applies to all
That is if we are open to learning some minds are closed quite tight
And the dark window to the soul will not allow in light.

Death Of A Baby Spotted Dove

A hot day in mid January and scarce a puff of breeze
And John and Dave in cherry picker up by power line trimming trees
The cut back from the line three metres and the order cut to code
A mile out of olinda just off mount Dandy Road.

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