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A path governed by rule
Free styling is not an option
Else you are disqualified
It is a narrow path.

Oh! What a pity
A wonderful Hero
He is gone
Without a notice

We’ve known ourselves
For a long time
Yet, it’s like we met yesterday.
The memory is so clear

What is Love?
Is it all about being around always?
Or being around when it matters
What is Love?

I will scale through this raging storm
I will never give up because it’s already late for me to do so
I am destined for the top
Though my ways are rough and the journey a difficult one

The one on whom I’ve always set my gaze
You are my Hero
You get me going
My Hero.

Someone to be there for me
To be by my side all the time
Always around me and dependable
Someone to rely on.

Trails and pains
They accompany each other
Difficult to experience;
They are both meant to make us better and not bitter.


The difference between success and failure
What determines where we will be

This is the time we’ve all waited for
Now it’s here, standing before us all
What have you got to offer it?
How much have you acquired?

Down and lost in confusion
All hope suddenly disappears
And indecision became my greatest companion.

Eyi ni iwe ifiranse si enyan Pataki
Areewa omoluabi ti kose fi we…what a Damsel
Her royal Majesty …yet seek abode in the midst of the humble
An heaven sent friend, an angel in disguise

The flag is half-flown
Trees stand still
The sky sheds tears
The moon mourns

What do you want to be remembered for?
What have you done so far?
How long can you stand?
What is the level of your endurance?

I woke with my expectation full to the bream
When my maker is not asleep
I will rise to the top
I will make it

The clock ticking
The tires rolling
The wheel delivering
Our heart yearning.

Just when I needed one
You Showed up
In the midst of my loneliness
You showed up

To a special Being
On this special day
A rare day this is.

Bamisaye Adeniran Biography

Adeniran Bamisaye is a uniquely gifted, prolific and creative writer with a passion to make the world a better place. He is a graduate of Linguistics from the University of Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria.Adeniran is the Author of Reflections, a motivational poetry book. He is also the Director of D’Kingz Pen, an organization that is set to discover, develop and display young writers and public speakers. He was born over two decades ago into a Christian family.Fondly called “ADEXBAM”, he is a simple person and fun to be with. His hobbies include; meeting people, traveling, writing, reading, dancing, research, adventure etc. He also has passion for teenagers and young people.)

The Best Poem Of Bamisaye Adeniran

The Narrow Path

A path governed by rule
Free styling is not an option
Else you are disqualified
It is a narrow path.

You have to pass the test
It is earned by merit
You have to be qualified
On the narrow path.

A demanding path
The narrow path
You can’t afford
To miss out.

I need the extra strength
To keep me on track
Else I give up
On the narrow path.

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Bamisaye Adeniran Popularity

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