Barbara Hamby

(1952 / New Orleans)

Barbara Hamby Poems

1. Ode To Lil' Kim In Florence 12/1/2014
2. Letter to a Lost Friend 4/1/2016
3. The Tawdry Masks of Women 4/1/2016
4. Ode on Dictionaries 4/1/2016
5. Thus Spake the Mockingbird 4/1/2016
6. Toshno 12/20/2017
7. Ode to Lenin's Overcoat 12/20/2017
8. Over-the-Hill Tenors after the Opera 12/20/2017
9. The Dream of the Dacha 12/20/2017
10. Cinerama 12/20/2017
11. Venus and Dogberry, A Match Made in New Jersey 12/20/2017
12. Waltz, Swing, Cha-cha-cha 12/20/2017
13. Mr. Pillow 12/20/2017
14. Ode on My Wasted Youth 12/20/2017
15. The Mockingbird on the Buddha 12/20/2017
16. Six, Sex, Say 12/20/2017
17. Ode on Satan's Power 12/20/2017
18. Mambo Cadillac 12/20/2017

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Best Poem of Barbara Hamby

Letter to a Lost Friend

There must be a Russian word to describe what has happened
between us, like ostyt, which can be used
for a cup of  tea that is too hot, but after you walk to the next room,
and return, it is too cool; or perekhotet,
which is to want something so much over months
and even years that when you get it, you have lost
the desire. Pushkin said, when he saw his portrait by Kiprensky,
"It is like looking into a mirror, but one that flatters me."
What is the word for someone who looks into her friend's face

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Ode to Lenin's Overcoat

In every Russian city or town a statue of Lenin stands
on a central square with his overcoat blown back
as if by a cold wind from Siberia as he strides into the Future
with a capital "F." And then there's the body on display
in the Kremlin, looking like nothing so much as a diplomat
or a prosperous businessman in a dark suit,
though he planted the bomb that would blow a hole
the size of Asia in the twentieth century,
and it was said that all he cared about besides the revolutio

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