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Ah the moonlit melodies
And cliche connections of words
It's murder to think in such fancy ink
But never to record...

Staring at the molecules floating past my eyes
And finding the appropriate species to categorize them
Just as real as the tangible-
A projection of mortality.

I was drinking my coffee in a resort area bathroom
When all of a sudden, something started to happen
The ceiling turned into an ocean of green
But the floor stayed the same as it had been

I took a break from the slavery of words
But when I returned, I found my style was nothing as it had been before
'What could have changed? ' I asked in distress.
My best response proved to be of no aid-

Blinded by the glare of a dusty mirror
I try to gather my thoughts long enough to slumber
Ah! But there is so much I have left to wonder of-
So many more worries than dreams.

I pacify the pain with a midnight stroll-
The significant pain of growing old
Growing up
Growing out

There's variety in misery
And right now I'm all twelve kinds.
Solitude takes the best of us
When we realize love is sugar-coated lust.

I'm completely uninspired
And at a loss for words
The growing amounts of Wal*Marts
Are clogging up my brain.

Opposite yet adjacent shapes broaden the vision
With solitude comes perspective-
Thoughts more obscure and more reflective
But somewhere appeared an incision

The night was storming as she sat alone
Unheard voicemail on the phone
Meant nothing
Like everything.

There are days I wish I were born without confidence
Hoping there will be nothing to lose
When it's blatantly rubbed in my chest
That I'm nothing more than second the people I choose to admire.

My essence is fading
Christianity's the bleach
The second I left Murder Beach...I knew it would happen
But it happened so fast-

We can stop it if I cared
But frankly I’m just too tired these days
As I sit trapped in a Valium haze
Where did they go?

Half of my heart is a question mark
Ending the sentence of your tyrrany
Threatening to set me free-
More like handing over a golden ticket.

You can't keep running away
From the things you can't control
Somewhere new becomes the oasis
When Murder Beach took its toll.

There's no feeling in my body
But there's anger in my soul
Where's my self control?
In the trash with everything that used to matter.

It's in times like these when I wish I were special
Just so there will be an excuse to be this happy,
But is it really unfortunate to recognize a feeling
And have legitimate thoughts?

If a cow were about to eat me
As cows sometime can
I don't believe he'd take the time
To find that I'm vegan.

I am matter
But I don't matter
Just use me up and go.
I'm happy to please

So you're the one in the back
Whispering preconceived death wishes from my lips
Expecting pity
But getting nothing from me

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I'm a fragment of an imagination.)

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Rabies In My Palm

Ah the moonlit melodies
And cliche connections of words
It's murder to think in such fancy ink
But never to record...
So, I sailed all seven of the seas
And rolled my pants above my knees
If you please...I believe there's a term-
Pirate...(one day I'll learn) .
For now I am just wrinkling
The twinkling stars call my number
But the slumber of sleep keeps it's grasp on me.
The medication and swollen joints weigh down
The burden of gravity is unwillingly found.
Alas! One could only guess my words 'fore now
They all wonder how my eleventh finger grew
Even if I would assume a silent vow-
It's not like a lady to kiss and tell...
T'was a wish on a dehydrated wishing well
In which I found my true destiny...
A rabid cat popped out to wrestle with me,
It conquered the battle and won the war
Bit my wrist to a bloody core
But no more would it bleed after while
Honey child...a thumb popped out
The doctors wondered how that cat had magic
They sent me flowers for they thought the digit tragic...
I accept the metamorphosis
And you better bet I get the looks
Oh, if only it were true, though
One day it just started to grow
And like my rambling
And Uncle Fred's gambling-
It, too, was a force of nature...
I am now the crack baby of the Savior.

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Delilah Miller 13 April 2007

All my life, pple have been telling me I'm perceptive. They tell me I'm smart; it's obvisous to me no matter what I do, I could always do better. And you...I've seen the best of my age. My favorite is 'Very Seldom is it Just One'. Anyway, I hope you always keep writing and setting the bar alwas higher. I know I'll see your name on a bookshelf someday Xs and Os

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Bobby DeGore 11 February 2007

Charlotte I have just read some of the most wonderful words my eyes have ever seen. You are a far more advanced writer than I... Kudos to you Love!

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