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Beach Leanbh Poems

1. Peach City Girl 4/23/2010
2. Tempest Rising 4/23/2010
3. Petals On A Stream 4/23/2010
4. The Coming Of Death 4/23/2010
5. Return To Me 4/23/2010
6. I'M Needing More 4/23/2010
7. Cala Tortuga 7/2/2010
8. Ever More 11/1/2010
9. The Phantom 11/16/2010
10. For Her Eyes Alone 12/2/2010
11. My Perfect Muse 12/15/2010
12. Sonnet Iii - 'Languishing Lazy On A Wooded Perch' 1/5/2011
13. Sonnet Iv - 'An Aria Of Life Breathed Through Her Lips' 3/23/2011
14. The Shadow Cast 3/23/2011
15. Unbound Love 4/13/2011
16. Landlocked Lovers 9/15/2011
17. Blackbird, My Blackbird 9/26/2010
18. Curse Of The Dawn 4/23/2010
19. Drunken Email 4/23/2010
20. Of Love And Blossoms 4/23/2010
21. Sonnet Ii - 'An Instant. A Mote Through The Hourglass Falls' 5/27/2010
22. Waiting 10/5/2012
23. A Robot Love Story 2/17/2011
24. Artemis 4/24/2010
25. Watermelon And Honeydew 4/23/2010
26. We Are But Trees 4/23/2010
27. As Sea And Moon Align 1/25/2012
28. Wayward Star 4/23/2010
29. Tick Tock 4/23/2010
30. That Trinket Most Treasured 6/9/2010
31. Dreams Of Passion 4/23/2010
32. Tonight We Rise 7/23/2010
33. Sonnet I - 'surely Thou Art A Body Heavenly' 5/5/2010
34. Ode To Eternity 4/23/2010
35. A Gentle Seduction 4/23/2010
36. Death Of The Inanimate 4/23/2010
37. To My Heart's Keeper 4/28/2010
38. A Mortal Masterpiece 4/27/2010
Best Poem of Beach Leanbh

A Mortal Masterpiece

She sits before me, an infallible piece
A masterwork of bone, sinew, and skin
Defying perfection her fairest cheeks and feminine chin
Her form crafted and carved as a statue of ancient Greece

Lo! I would keep her hidden, a secret held unto me
Locked away to appease my most jealous heart
For it would cause a mortal cut if e’er we were apart
My soul she holds captive, her eyes contained the very key

But I could not withhold such beauty from the Earth
A prisoner to my selfishness, a fate yet undeserved
Her expert shape and classical features to all should be ...

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Tempest Rising

The tempest rising, desire thriving, arrested out of reach
Ardent fervor languors forward, prone upon the beach
Uncounted miles separate yearning digits unoccupied alone
A mouth. A lip. A kiss. Gentle as the sand is blown
An instant shared. A memory. Feelings fasting
Wrapped in a blanket, their spirits soar with passion everlasting
A hungry will set upon its journey, a division has conceived its slaves
Voracious eyes consume their course applauded by the waves
His spritely girl, his

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