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every day they feed the fire
the fire inside of me
that will burn my soul
and i will die

why did you hurt me
why did you make me cry
why did you scar me
and cause many more scars

i hate you kyle
and i love josh
so i hope that hurts you
and i hope your heart


some say freak
some say friend
some say shes retarded
some say she just farted

this is the story of a girl-(and not a song by blink 182 ewww)
who allways found herself
hateing this world
everything that happened

Hush sweet child
it will be okay
this would is full
of pain and hatred

pills can make me happy
lots of med can
but its not true happiness
something is still missing

no one knows
the pain that grows
every day in my life

why do people
try so hard
to hurt others
and make them cry

We never realize
how much we love another
until their life is in danger
he could be gone forever


this house is a prison
locking me up
no razor
cant shave

we were gonna run away
we were gonna be together every day
we were gonna get married
we were gonna be happy

my friends name is freddi
he has stuck with me
through good and bad
through thick and thin

my leg haunts me
the scars are gone
but they are still there

dont mind me
im just the everyday freak
dont mind me
im just some chic sitting next to you


after all that is said
and all that ive cried
after every night
with needles and blood

how could i be this person
so full of lies and betrayal
how could i be like this
and hurt a soul like his

in my mind
hes everywhere
in the dark
outside my window

Baby, your my shmoopsy poo
and allways will be
no matter what you do
or what i do


why is life so rough
when only some are tough
some can handle life
but i am losing my strife

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my name is bekie carroll and i love to write poetry i havent written in a while but i still keep every poem i write (unless it sucks) i write about life and death and depressing times and anything that happens in my life and every once in a while i will write about love but unfortunately i usually write about hate b/c im so against it i just love to write so0o much i cant stop and i probably never will i basically just want to live in a peaceful world with no hate but idk if that will ever happen but i hope it will)

The Best Poem Of Bekie Carroll

The Fire

every day they feed the fire
the fire inside of me
that will burn my soul
and i will die
b/c they fed the fire
they call me names
mock me
and worse of all
make fun of my freinds
when they do this
the fire grows
burning my insides
starting with my toes
it gets bigger
then goes to my liver stomoch and lungs
then finally my heart
then im gone
some will cry and feel bad
some will laugh and say im psycho
the ones that laugh
will move on
and build a fire
an kill someone else


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Bekie Carroll 15 September 2005

hey me its me how r u im good how r u fine

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