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Lost Civilization

These words our silent footprints,
along the path of time,
like drawings on the walls of caves,
that none may ever find.

A Boy, In Passing

His eyes follow me...
Stunted growth...I can't judge his age,
but I have regrets older than him.

Breaking News

our paths are predetermined
the sacred never safe
the ticker tape tells our stories now
in letters that come too late

The Secret Spot

Time was against us...
I prepared you so well, I neglected to prepare myself.
Bundled in layers you didn't even need,
another's warmth would soon find you.


We took that long ride together,
Both of us driving on through the night…
Gently sliding into the curves,
Subtle hills, and softest valleys.

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Ben Bump 11 April 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job.

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