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1. Don'T Wait 10/9/2012
2. Never Say 10/9/2012
3. Love Isn'T Blind 10/9/2012
4. I Love You 10/9/2012
5. Be So Strong 10/9/2012
6. What You Want 10/9/2012
7. 'M Not Perfect 10/15/2012
8. My Everything 10/15/2012
9. My Uncried Tears 10/15/2012
10. You Mean Everything To Me 12/3/2012
11. Pretenders 6/2/2013
12. ....For Who You Are..... 4/13/2014
13. Dear My Heart 10/29/2014
14. I Found You 10/9/2012
15. Angel 10/9/2012
16. Your Accompany 10/9/2012
17. Charity Case 10/9/2012
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Charity Case

People pensive that I won't amount to anything in life
I hate the fact that people penSive that I am a CHARITY CASE Because I come from the poor family
This is not true
I am very proud of my bacKground
Because it has made me the person I am today
It has made me a stronger person after all the trials. I have visaged
I have full control of where I will end
Although I ddnt choose my beginning

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Don'T Wait

Don't wait
Until its too late
To tell someone how much you love him/her,
How much you solicitude
Because when they're gone
No matter how loud you shout & wail
They won't hear you anymore
Don't wait

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