benjamin bueno

benjamin bueno Poems

1. Venice Beach 9/12/2012
2. Symbolic Manipulation 9/12/2012
3. Tool Of Beauty 9/12/2012
4. Sweet Summer Rain 9/12/2012
5. Awkward And Sweet 9/12/2012
6. True Rhythm Of Life 9/12/2012
7. Abrasion 9/12/2012
8. Glory Is Future 2/5/2013
9. Heavy Metal Humor 3/4/2013
10. The Drums Of War 8/30/2013
11. Swoon Endlessly 9/7/2013
12. What If You Got Road Head On The Way To Space 12/5/2013
13. Sanity And Happiness 12/7/2013
14. Power Of A Dream 12/14/2013
15. Dance 12/14/2013
16. Suspended In Waves 12/25/2013
17. Wilfred 12/25/2013
18. Death To The Minister Of Extreme Happiness 12/25/2013
19. Light Has Lifted With Overpowering Life 12/25/2013
20. Destroy Everything 12/30/2013
21. Tired In Sulk 5/5/2013
22. Fire In The Furnace 5/5/2013
23. Skid Row 12/14/2013
24. Welcome To Arab Spring 3/31/2013
Best Poem of benjamin bueno

Welcome To Arab Spring

Welcome to arab spring. Rock of ages. Museum of death. Let me hear you scream. Embrace the night. Conversion of the free land. Home of the homeland. I can't stand the quietness. Motel of technique. Only in the face of horror can you find your true noble self. Down at the honeymoon trail. Down at the practice pad. We see the sun. You give my eyes a reason to exist. To go and smell the roses. To be a part of life. Culture shock. In this house the words can break the glass. Everything is about effort.

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Awkward And Sweet

The crack of dawn. Awkward and sweet. Couch potato and sex tornado. Can't taste it, why waste it? Trial by jury. History of mystery. It's gonna get thick real quick and we may need a way out. It'll pick you right up. Shine on. Defeat them for good. Breathe happy. Itchy and scratchy. Love doesn't live there. She's crazier than we think. I don't want

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