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Even if you run i will find you
Iv decided i want you
now i know i need
if you cant be bought tougher

Can you feel the burn
can you see the sists
with these hands we dont dare
to resist, My nightmares

You blame me for this
You blame me for everything
you try so hard to cut into me
and you graze the bone

I watch the world around me
sink so low and i see the people
around me fall with it, Am i the only
one who sees the end coming fast

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Hey my names Ben. I dont really write poems but i'll give it shot just trying to pass time. im 19 years old. i go to school at GAHS im currently working on getting my grade 11 done...i know its sad but im trying. I got quit a bit of friends and im pretty sure (I Hope) i have a girlfriend were just going through some troubles right now but all my fortune telling stuff lol told me that im in a current situation right now that will come to a happy ending pretaining to the area of love :) and the eight ball also told me ;) all my poems are pretty much based off weird idea's and they are in the form of lyrics.Some may be pretty twisted and psycho but hey there just thoughts. I'm suprisingly good at it right now even though iv only got three done you can read them in my poems if you'd like.None of these poems are directed at anyone there just pretty much my veiw on current things going on in my life wether it be related to world issues or just things that I find deeply disturbing. I got a passion for playing guitar and video games and a tendancy to do really got at things i put my full heart and mind into. anyways if your interested My Poe-Lyrics are posted under 'poems' and i hope you enjoy them. -Ben)

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Even if you run i will find you
Iv decided i want you
now i know i need
if you cant be bought tougher
than i thought so what
just keep in mind im
with you, never left out
fate i cant concentrate
even if you hide

You will be my next

and when i found you crying
on the sidewalk you left
your fingers clenched what
two perfect moments in one
i couldent help myself i just took you

Oh god i know it was a mistake
but you brought it out of me

You had better make your self
at home because your here to stay
you wont bother me, if you let me bother
you, all the doors are closed
all the windows shut keep in mind
i watch you

With your eyes so glazed
your everything to me
and you wont scream and cry
because i have you
and now you are mine

The end

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