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Great Peace

Peace is making your calling and election sure;
Enjoying the fruits of the Holy Spirit you will endure;
Fruits such as love, joy, peace and patience against which there is no

Mother Of God

The mother of God was great with child;
While she carried our Saviour so meek and mild;
A woman of virtue never knew a man;
Until after giving birth by Jehovah's plan;

The Dark Day

The phenomenon of the dark day is a historical fact;
A sign to all biblical students Jesus is coming back;
Coming to take the redeemed of the earth home;
Who were once pilgrims and strangers no longer to roam;

All Glory To God

I am amazed at what God has done through me;
For I can do nothing without Him--certainly;
Choosing weak people to perform His marvelous will;
All glory to God for each talent and skill;

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