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( Summertime )

Summer time and winter is gone
Summer time and I'm left all alone.
Summer time is so dam hot, so why don't it stop.
Red, yellow, green someone look at me with grief.

( Lost )

Another love lost, another love gone, just as the day done
I know another love will come.
But the love I lost I will never regain, Oh how could I
Had been a fool. To think our love would endure so much

( I.S.P. - Haiku) Verse

"He Spankie my imagination
until I seen reality."
Look's attractive a Man!
Conversation hold a Man!

Summer Night ( July)

An Hour Fantasy )

They sky all purple and pink with golden rings.
The sun shine all green making everything
Look peaceful to me. The sea all baby blue.
The earth rich in it's orange.

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