Bert Leston Taylor

(1866-1921 / the United States)

Bert Leston Taylor Poems

1. Children 9/18/2010
2. Gentle Doctor Brown 9/18/2010
3. Hence These Years 9/18/2010
4. Invocation 9/18/2010
5. Spring In The Shops 9/18/2010
6. The Gadder 9/18/2010
7. Ballade Of A Moss-Grown Symbol 9/18/2010
8. Battle Song 9/18/2010
9. The Rime Of The Betsy Jane 9/18/2010
10. Those Flapjacks Of Brown's 9/18/2010
11. To The Proof Room 9/18/2010
12. On The Eve 9/18/2010
13. Poem 9/18/2010
14. Upon Julia's Arctics 9/18/2010
15. Aprilly 9/18/2010
16. Post-Impressionism 9/18/2010
17. The Lazy Writer 9/18/2010
18. The Road To Anywhere 9/18/2010
19. Canopus 9/18/2010
20. The Riddle Of The Dinosaur 9/18/2010

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Best Poem of Bert Leston Taylor

The Riddle Of The Dinosaur

Behold the mighty dinosaur,
Famous in prehistoric lore,
Not only for his weight and length,
But for his intellectual strength.
You will observe by these remains
The creature had two sets of brains,
The one in his head, the usual place,
The other at his spinal base.
Thus he could reason a priori
As well as a posteriori.
No problem bothered him a bit,
He made both head and tail of it.
So wise he was
So wise and solemn
Each thought filled just a spinal column.
If one brain found the pressure strong,
It passed a few ideas along.
It something ...

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Gentle Doctor Brown

It was a gentle sawbones and his name was Doctor Brown.
His auto was the terror of a small suburban town.
His practice, quite amazing for so trivial a place,
Consisted of the victims of his homicidal pace.
So constant was his practice and so high his motor's gear
That at knocking down pedestrians he never had a peer;
But it must, in simple justice, be as truly written down
That no man could be more thoughtful than gentle Doctor Brown.
Whatever was the errand on which Doctor Brown was b

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