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blood pressure up
fights galore
in my space
all the time

So I needed a few new clothes
so off the couch we did rose

Pulled into the mall
already having a ball

Pull you from my garden
and you take away cares
Walking slowly trodden
gone are all my nightmares.

So my pain has lifted
and mood has shifted

Feeling brand new

Grateful for your love
Our faith ongoing
Discovering new hope
Simple answers

For a special lady
who's life was shady

Brought us so much joy

Recognized writer
intellect known
Brass opinions
Brutal honesty

As I look through sunny glass
reminds me of a distant past

A path that guides me in the night
like a starry bright lights

As I look across the falls I see
all kinds of colours like just me

For the sweet oh morn so bright

Truth to his own words,
he's truly gifted poet,
also great new friend.

With my mom by my side
so happy to be outside

Weather finally cool


Watching the rapids
water rushes on I peak
trees surrond mystique.

Whether it's hello or a wink
I think I know how men think!

It could be just a second glance

Tossing and turning trying to sleep
getting no rest, not a peep.
Feeling restless and having dreams
of horrible things you want to scream!

Love your zest for life,
Wanting to hold you so close,
Loving you always.

As the Lord casts me down
and has me on solid ground

My faith not ever shaken
my heart is now overtaken

Adorable, loyal, and sweet,
Truly remarkable good friend,
Fun, friendly, and lovable,
Sisters whom can depend,

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I joined site to grow as a writer.I write poems, stories and scripts as well. I was first inspired back in highschool.I'm now thirty four and I have special needs, so things don't come easy.But I feel I have some talent in writing.I hope you will agree. I write cinquains, haikus, senryus, rispettos, aabb, song lyrics, quatrains, etc. I also like to review and hope you don't mind a comment or too.)

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blood pressure up
fights galore
in my space
all the time
leave me alone
i must shout
elderly parents
stressing me out
poor manners
hiding things
too hot for outside
silly games
for now
by myself.

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Beth Johnson Popularity

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