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a wet grey day
the black headlines
my black t-shirt ruined

hot oil on a medium gold flame
gently place in it a cluster of black mustard seeds

hear the crackle, let the journey begin

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This all started with a hard-saved $50 note on a dairy farm watched by 16 pairs of courageous eyes.

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A Peaceful Time - 1

a wet grey day
the black headlines
my black t-shirt ruined

i look at the double cream and yoghurt
in my fridge
the sad looking but bright roses in my garden
i pick the red roses and remove their petals

i nearly pick up the flat fashionable black plate
but don’t. instead the plain one
i begin to arrange each red rose petal individually
on the large flat plate
what shall I create? a circle on a square flat plate?
i start slowly

the yoghurt and cream in the fridge
i stop arranging the petals
and mix the yoghurt and cream together
i add a little saffron
As the saffron settles, the orange and yellow
colours emerge in the white of the yoghurt cream

i let it sit and bring some pink roses and their
leaves in
i think I will make a circle on the round plate
half red, half pink. and a few green rose leaves
the pink petals fall off easily
my favourite tune on the radio
luckily not blue

i am very satisfied with the petal circle
it makes me wonder
the petals wherever they are from, so flat
so fragile

my yoghurt and cream mix has strands of
yellow, or perhaps golden now

some white sugar crystals, a few
pistachios and the whites of a custard apple go in next
all mixed thoroughly
and then into long glasses, sprinkled with nutmeg

the height of the glasses with the white mixture
the flatness of the rose petals, around the bottom of the sparkling glass
a sparkle in the glass

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