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321. Vincent Van Gogh As A Transatlantic Seagull 5/12/2008
322. Question? 5/15/2008
323. Genghis Khan Plants A Tree 9/23/2008
324. Guidance For The Electorate In A Presidential Year 9/26/2008
325. Reflection On An Archive 9/29/2008
326. Reflection On Painting A Church 9/29/2008
327. The Stars Give Course To Blood And Bone 10/15/2008
328. Flood 10/17/2008
329. Night Light On My Walk 10/19/2008
330. Poor Man's Haiku 10/19/2008
331. A Presence Here 10/26/2008
332. Double Barrel 10/30/2008
333. Cap Colonel 11/4/2008
334. On Epistemology 12/3/2008
335. Prayer To A Pillar Of Fire 12/6/2008
336. Morning's Cat Visitation 12/8/2008
337. A Killer Of Poets 12/9/2008
338. Poetry For A Therapist 12/10/2008
339. Traffic 12/11/2008
340. Social Security 12/12/2008
341. On Shoeing The American President 12/15/2008
342. Line Worth Copying 21 December 2008 12/21/2008
343. The Saga Of Robert Gates 12/22/2008
344. Tale Of A Once Upon A Time Christmas Gift For Me From The Deity 12/25/2008
345. Voice 1/1/2009
346. Animals 1/3/2009
347. Clinton's Legacy 1/5/2009
348. Of Popes And Saints 1/5/2009
349. Moderation Is The Key 10/6/2008
350. Uniformity And Trash Cans 10/7/2008
351. After Mary Ranney's Service 10/10/2008
352. More Than Money 10/12/2008
353. Two Angels Came To My Door 11/21/2008
354. :) On Despair 11/21/2008
355. First Route Run 11/22/2008
356. Testimony - One Day Late 11/24/2008
357. The Sink 11/8/2008
358. The World's Way For Dogs 11/18/2008
359. The Preacher 1/8/2009
360. On An Execution 1/15/2009

Comments about Bill Grace

  • Bob Whelan (7/20/2020 8:37:00 AM)

    The next shining star to wax eloquently about is a grandson to be born. Do your thing!

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (4/26/2020 4:29:00 PM)

    Bill Grace is wonderful, talented and famous poet who writes beautiful poems basing upon his perception. I know him and I like to read his poems. I have reviewed his poems and found that his poems are rich in social values. Everything he observes keenly. Bill Grace gives wonderful essence to his readers. I am wishing him all the best for his literary perseverance. May God bring happiness for him.

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  • Bill Grace (10/2/2016 6:07:00 PM)

    Marriage Blessing for the Wedding Couple

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  • Lare Austin (2/19/2005 12:21:00 PM)

    Hi your poem 'Poetry As Prayer'...your words tell this so are so many ways writing poetry is so very solitude...but...rewarding...

    Lare Austin

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Best Poem of Bill Grace

* A Prose Quote From Walt Whitman Appropriate To The Spirit Of This Blog (1855 Preface To 'Leaves Of Grass')

'Through the divinity of themselves shall the kosmos and the new breed of poets be interpreters of men and women and of all events and things. They shall find their inspiration in real objects to-day, symptoms of the past and future....They shall not deign to defend immortality or God or the perfection of things or liberty or the exquisite beauty and reality of the soul. They shall arise in America and be responded to from the remainder of the earth.'

Quoted from 'The Harvard Classics' edited by Charles W, Eliot copyright of 1938 by P. F. Collier & Son Corporation 'Prefaces and ...

Read the full of * A Prose Quote From Walt Whitman Appropriate To The Spirit Of This Blog (1855 Preface To 'Leaves Of Grass')

Like An Acolyte

Like the acolyte of youth
I tend the night lights of our home
With strange proclivity for nourshing their glow
That in darnkness makes a statement of decisive show
Against the saturating power of the night
Not needed with the dawn of day.