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you dont see
the hurt in my eyes
when you look at me
i have to disguise

Save me
From the
Nothing I
Have become.

When you hurt her
Picture this;
Innocent, sweet, happy,
Always pure bliss;

I didn't mean to make you mad
I'm sorry, dad. Please put down
The belt and the bottle.
Please pay attention.

I can't change
That I'm a woman
And that I'm attracted
To a beautiful woman.


I'm tired of being cheated and lied to.
I'm tired of being the only one who cares.
I'm tired of uncertainty.
I'm tired of hate.


I am done
Done with being laughed at,
Hit, kicked, pushed
By everyone.

You hurt me
Deserted me when I needed you most
And now I wonder
If love is real

Fate? What
Is the meaning
Of this life?
So that i fight

What happens when
Doesn't last as long
As you thought it would?

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I Miss You

you dont see
the hurt in my eyes
when you look at me
i have to disguise

you dont know
what goes on in my head
when you talk about her.
Or the tears i'll shed

What do you see?
if you only see
what really, truly
isn't me?

you do see
the happy me
the opposite is
what you dont see

what do you know
if you only know
the things
im not afraid to tell you?

you dont know
how much it hurts
to love a guy you
think you dont deserve.

you dont know
you dont see
how i wish
you were with me.

i wish you'd seen
i wish you'd known
how much i didnt
want you to go

I miss you.

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