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Tit For Tat

If you pull the tail of a dog
You are bit or chased by that
Tit for tat!

Vuvuzela Trumpets

The drone goes on, ceaseless, careless
Thousand of bees sing together
To celebrate the football season


Fishes swim merrily in aquarium
My mind swims with them
They give me a lot of pleasure
Each to me a priceless gem.

Ant And Elephant

Is it logical to compare an ant and an elephant?
Where is the problem?
The size?
An elephant is so large in slow pace


Just a while ago a black cow gave birth to a white calf
Dawn, smooth, soft and balmy
Smile of child bloom in dewdrops
Leaves and grass bathe in the shower

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MA in English from the University of Dhaka. MPhil in Semantics and PhD in Syntax. Now working at Daffodil International University in Dhaka, Bangladesh as the Assistant Professor and Head, Department of English. Especially interested in language and literature. Writes regular column in Star Campus magazine of The Daily Star.

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