Bishnu Dey Poems

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I am not your Pururoba! Hey, Urboshi,
A realm I erected here at mortal Aloka
Ephemeral, no doubt, inspired by my senses.
Come; won't you join me here?

Smritti Shatta Bhabishyat

The sea swelled and roared
on that full-moon spring night.
That day Damini said, 'My heart's
desire is not fulfilled.'

On 14th August

So, do my words keep returning to her ?
Across these plains of my body
her comings and goings never end,

Bad Times

He was walking behind me in the alley.
I see him again at the intersection
where four roads cross,
and plunge into a lane on my left.

In My Mind There's No Tiredness At All

My dreams are also endless
in my mind there's no tiredness at all.
Yet the branches are full of a dry lament,
yet the fields are full of cold frost,
and there are endless tears in the sky.

The Alien

On either side the woods, in the middle the road
Gleamingly goes winding as nature beats the tune.
In the night-light, every now and then eyes glow,
young rabbits jump across dancing.


Wipe out the sky tonight,
Smear darkness on the stars,
Blot out the moon in the slough of sleeplessness.
Cover your eyes and come

A Kafi

My mind too, escapes in late spring
to the branches of mango and palash trees
and relaxes in contentment for a couple of hours
in the young green and middle-aged reds of fields,

Already A Farewell Song

Already a farewell song ? Dear friend,
will you dry the stream,
and raise pale sandbars,
even before the full floods of monsoon ?


There are forests on either side,
in the middle a glistening path twists and turns
dancing to the rhythm of nature.
From time to time eyes glow in the dark
and little rabbits dance and jump around.