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Free At Last

Oh, beautiful Brave Butterfly,
To break from cloistered cell
And free at last to fly the wind,
Take your leave with Wings of orange, black and white


Shadows fall, flickering figures on the wall,
Silhouettes, I recall; 'tis not white or black,
But shades of gray We meet along life's way;
Except, for Mama's angel-face all white

Nightingale's Song

From His Branch on Sacred Tree, the Nightingale sings
His most Melodious Tune at Break of Day.
In the garden, Ridvan, flowers are pleased
And winds become breeze when the Celestial Bird appears,

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes peering thro' leaves of green
Bluer than the sky, bluer than the sea,
Oh, rarest flower! Blue Rose-so beautiful,
Others pale in compare,

Ah, A Song In The Night

On wings of delight,
When mask of loneliness
Takes its flight,
As Friends meet

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