Black Rose Night

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* Help Me Escape From This Pain! *

Can't stop these horrible tears of sorrow.
They just escape and fall in despair.
The sorrow burns deep within like liquid fire.
Why do u contine to leave me in such a state?
Why does love hurt me so?
Is this real love or am i just wishing for the impossible?
Just the thought of either kills me deep inside.
How can i escape this pain?
Just someone TAKE IT AWAY! ! ! ! !
MAKE IT GO AWAY! ! ! ! !
Kill this pain!
How can i make it all fade away?
Why can't i just find eternal peace and love?
Why does this always end up like this?
Why can't i just ...

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In darkness i live.
In darkness i be for all eternaty.
For the Goddess of this night is me...
Hecate guides me...
The dark paths await me..
Blood i seek..
Darkness is key for i am wat all humanity fears...
I am all ur desires and fears..
I am seen as beauty when in fact i am death in the making...