Black Shirt Poems

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Beloved One.......

Witnessing the Aurora! night sky,
the luck of having a Clover leaf each day,
Sensing a light in Mother's womb,
being landed on a habitable island of the moon.

Becoming One..!

Just open your room's window. There I am the cool breeze to cool you down!
Turn around, and reach your closet and check. I am the fragrance to make you pleasant.
Reach your couch and turn off the lights. I will become a firefly with bright wings to give you light.
Finally, close your eyes and go to sleep. I will be appearing in your dreams to save you from the night mares.

An Angel.

Why do all ants follow her? Because she is the sweetest person.
Why do all Ad- Boards crave her picture? Because of her cute smile.
Why is everyone attracted to her? Because she got a magnet in her words.
Why is she special to me? Because she has the heart of a child!

The Monsoon.

February is summer, hot, dry, and sunny.
I'm looking forward to the arrival of June, the monsoon season.
Oh, it's unworthy of passing the three long months.
Instead, it is worth gazing at her eyes for three seconds,


The series of struggles were won over by their patience.
The challenges are chiseled and tested on their confidence.
They broke the system of bias and chauvinism through their sweat and blood.
Born with the remarkable characteristic of being gentle, modest, and strong,

Mystery Of Fragrance.

A perfume of coffee scattered everywhere.
In the journey of discovering the mystery of scent.
He became crazy, puzzled and confused. All of a sudden, a twist in the storyline.
A lightning flash with clouds of vapour.

Little Heart,

A gloomy dark sky without the moon and stars..
The surrounding with dullness and boredom.
A dry pond waiting for rain drops.
The little heart craves for the words of warmth.

Memories Forever....

Projecting in the mind, the excitement of the first meeting.
Rewinding the first roller coaster talk, in my memory.
Retaining that flavor of dining by chance when I see my lunch pack.
Recalling the joy of laughter togetherness in my happiness.

A Child Like Heart

Her heart is a Refrigerator.
So cool and chill!
Sometimes her emotions are like frozen ice cream stored in the fridge, so firm and stiff.
But, in the blink of an eye, it melts and expresses itself with marvellous flavours.

Spring- Time.

During the spring season, her looks and sights are like a cool breeze, refreshing and rejuvenating.
Without a reason and in the season of summer, the rain showered on both streets and hearts.

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