Blake Bishop Poems

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My Last Minute

Our lives are discarded for years,
Until the scar disappears,
Or the fears.

Faith, Hope, Trust

Faith is a feeling of misconception.
I have Faith in myself,
But should I have Faith in you?
The real challenge is retaining Faith in us.

Southern Influence

There is an influence of the south.
Putting cold beer and crawfish to mouth.
It is the cattle and horses in our field,
Riding out the storm that will grow our yield.

2080 Miles

2080 miles apart,
2080 hurts to my heart.
Forced to wait for the time,
Till the day you're truly mine.

Our Road

I feel entitled to tell you that I don’t let the day pass,
Without remembering the few times we have spent together.
Whether I should just surpass the night with thoughts,
Glances into the what could have been, the what should have been.

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