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You all the strangers closer to me than myself...

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I Don'T Even Want To Know

I grow darker, as you get closer
I have seen this before, I swear to my bleeding smile
I cannot remember a line of your face
It's true, I'm dreamless
I know I have betrayed you
there's nowhere to go now
no I won't lie again
I know I want you my sad-self
embrace me in your cold breast

I looked at myself, in a rainbow today, I was beautiful and shameless
I thought maybe everyone has received a gift, but me
i could laugh at your pain, I could simply walk away
but non of this can take the pain away
Don't you want to scratch my face again?
I'm waiting for your bold hands
Erase my life, just take it away, it's done me no good

I know I'm in love with a void
Never have been so close to destruction
Had to lie once more... because you hate me, and because I know I'm hopeless

away from your world of pain... I draw
You were never any good anyways
I got something to say today
I lost my eyes to you, I will take your soul

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