1. Hmm? 1/7/2008
2. What It Took... 2/21/2008
3. Sound And Furry 6/11/2009
4. Ask Owen 7/4/2009
5. Yellow 9/6/2006
6. I Dreamt In Whispers 10/8/2006
7. Your Tail Lights 10/10/2006
8. Terra-Fied 10/20/2006
9. Fire 11/6/2006
10. My Friend 11/6/2006
11. G O O D B Y E... 6/11/2007
12. Yesterday 9/6/2006
13. The Low Man 9/6/2006
14. My Cursory Prose 9/20/2006
15. Mad Summer Nights 10/3/2006
16. Thorns And Hearts 2/9/2007
17. One 8/12/2007
18. The Sound Of The Gong Goes 'Gone' 1/28/2007
19. Damn (Ed) 2/2/2007

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Best Poem of BLT REI

The Sound Of The Gong Goes 'Gone'

In the surburbanned cavorting of my dirty knee youth...
the smells anchored me in
orange slices
clean cut grass
and asphalt

the sights of forever blue skies
of the deep end swimming pool
standing 20feet above with
the girl below

to be simple: a hero, a rockstar, a sports star, the dynamic battle with Satan for the sake of the girl.

For the price of gum,
friendship came easy.

It was bug hunting in snake and mossy canals,
It was Atari playing in friends' basements
and dirty cable at 2am. my first breast ...

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My Cursory Prose

your brevity
my long-winded plume of circomlocation

your whimsical parasailing
my sperlunking for tightly held treasures

I lost in you speech
you had me with your gesticulations

a simple turn
of unparalled lives

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