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Day 9th of March,
After Twenty
Rain Water Left me.

You came after the Sex
I mourned after you Left

I am Drowning in this Pain

I wish theres a Time machine.
To make you still by myside
Because Baby i will hold you tight

I was there
When your Colorful life turns to Blue

I was there

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From Blue

Day 9th of March,
After Twenty
Rain Water Left me.

Day 10th of March
Quarter to Four
I wish its just a Dream
But damn baby its Real

He didn't choose to Stay
Its so Unfair to Say
but i need to Let go
i don't have Right to Choose
So i let myself to Lose

Save a Single Raindrops
but after Midnight it becomes my own Teardrops

Rain Water's gone
its Summer now
but i feel like a Thunder
Hurricanes coming
I am Scared of everything
Im stuck in the Dark without nothing

You're not coming back
I am so Sad about that
I was crying when i ask you to let me stay
but Damn we're not the Same

I almost forgot,
I am Blue Coral from under the Sea
And you are Rain Water
Who lives in the Sky
that's why you said Goodbye.

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