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Im free spirted, I view everything is done with an art, I feel doing art is a key to a expression, painting, wrighting, drawing, dancing, playing, dreaming it lets me deal with my feeling in s 'better' way I love the world and ill add more later.

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A Voice Within 30 December 2005

i like the poem. great job! !

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No Matter What.

Sparkling, outgoing and zesty movements
dancing among My taste-buds
blurred vision surrounds but,
to me, your the only around.
Soothing, Blissful even a
fairy-tale is quenching.
the mire thirst I have
Reaching to hear your voice
pushing the farthest I can
your the relief,
I'm starving for you're presence
waiting with or without choice
YOu quench the unquenchable
you penetrate the
You grant me, no trouble
always ready to take a
risk and kiss.
When wrapped up in you
you help me know
just what to do
no matter what,
I love you.

Blythe D.

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Blythe Davis Popularity

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