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We stood and proclaimed 'I do' wedding wows
and the organ grinded
The Taco Bell Canon in D Major
and Chopin's Polonaise Mayonnaise in Egg Flat.

Dancing prancing albino ponies
dance to the cap-gun crackle
of the lightening leather whip.

peeks out
from her black curtain veil.
We sit with
backs straight

Elizabeth Steinbruner

Born February 23,1920 in Dulsburg, Germany,
passed November 17,2005 in Roseville, California.

It comes
equipped with an easy to open
double insulated

We do things
to keep something from doing something
the milk from expiring
the scale from cracking

This is just to say
I have eaten the legs
that were in the refrigerator

Time is ankle deep in wet cement.
A 78 phonograph record on 33.
'Can you buy me ahhhhhh
high protein shake from

artichoke of self-loathing
blizzard of Cherry Garcia
bouquet of broccoli ecoli
bungee cords of black licorice

His teeth once white as popcorn, now golden as movie
buttered popcorn.

God bless ghosts, guns, Bush-Cheney and the summer

'We now know why you've been having so much trouble'
a neurologist said over the phone.
'Your MRI shows you have
a brain tumor

'Jeez, ' he said. 'I'm sorry
to hear about your brain tumor.
I hope you're gonna be OK.
My wife's first cousin's husband's sister's son

at Nativity School
boys reek of Butch Wax and Vitalis.
White arrow shirts and salt n pepper corduroys
stiffen like cardboard from laundry starch.

mighty weight lifters get
disqualified from painful
urinary infections

Adams Adams Harrison Harrison Roosevelt Roosevelt Bush Bush

Ford Polk Pierce Grant Taft Hayes Bush Bush


The most popular tulips

Our Art Teacher Mrs. Nickels
bites her lower lip
with her Bucky Beaver teeth.
She slides yellow pencils

in the Dodge Center showroom
they perch on mahogany tables
flick their Marlboro ashes on their 3-piece navy-blue suits
stare with bloodshot eyes

You abandoned your marriage cottage
decorated with wallpaper of wilted roses.
Your South African diamond ring now

Bob Genevro Biography

1956...Willow School Kindergarten 1957-65...Nativity School 1966-69...Track & Field/440 yd., Cross-Country runner 1971-74...Fresno State University 1973-74...worked for VISTA in Anchorage, Alaska for Anchorage Head Start Summer 1978...joined Hoxie Bros. Circus working props 1984...married 1985, '87, '89...births of my kids 1985...Thyroid Disease/Thyroid shrunk 1988-2001...worked for Child Abuse Prevention Center 2002...kidney stone 2004...sciatica 2006...benign brain tumor)

The Best Poem Of Bob Genevro

The First Anniversary Sonnet

We stood and proclaimed 'I do' wedding wows
and the organ grinded
The Taco Bell Canon in D Major
and Chopin's Polonaise Mayonnaise in Egg Flat.

We dashed into the Sausalito Hotel
into the Queen Victoria room
sipping gold champagne, clicking crystals,
shedding our fig leaves...and multiplying.

Let's celebrate our Paper Anniversary at the Gypsy Cellar.
The candlelight steak dinner comes with a violinist
who will serenade us
to Leon Russell's ballad 'Song for You'.

Edna St. Vincent Millay sums up my glee:
'I only know that summer sings in me.'

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Bob Genevro Popularity

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