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He's here!
He's out of hiding
And ready to face the world

In the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan
As did those who were injured and dying
Slumped unceremoniously in mud-filled trenches
Craving for the warmth of a home-fire burning

Artistic beauty
A silver arrow shoots
Swiftly and silently across
The stillness of a moonlit lake

Out there
In the great 'somewhere'
There may be someone

They say
You changed the water into wine
But that it was
Probably non-alcoholic;

I scan the crowd, picking through the sea of faces
And despite the odds I find her.
Connected by a cord of love
The pull of which is inescapable

I saw you
Amidst a crowd of nameless faces
I saw you
And though there should have been no reason


Neatly brushed and shaped
Your soft, brown hair glistens
As the sun highlights extremes of colour
Not normally seen.

Cover yourself with blankets
Of reasoned argument
If you want

So now I understand...
Your eyes became too big for your belly
You wanted extra helpings
Of everything

I arrive
Tired but exhilarated
Full of anticipation
A new beginning

'Well you certainly know
Which side of your bread
The butter is on, ' said she.


I never was good
At getting kites to fly.
I run until I am blue in the face,
Turn with anticipation and look upwards

For all the times that I mess up
In my enthusiam
To try to do things my way;
In my pig-headedness

I'm with the kids
Who want to run in the hallways
And chew gum in class
And take two extra minutes outside

The shape of her tiny soul
Which pleads in vain for friendship
Is an image of
A vase, beautiful but cracked,

Sullen silence shrouds the darkened skies
And wraps its arms around the hills
And sweeps across the streams and trees
That mark this quiet place

And so the time has come for goodbyes
And the reality that floods
The occasion with its presence
Has diluted all reason

Sequined and sparkling,
Silken and seductive, she.
Sidling across the room
Obliquely oblivious

It's already too much for me to bear
To see your smile,
To watch your silken hair flow with the wind
To feel the invisible draw of eyes

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Educated at Liverpool Collegiate School and then Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire, U.K. and Gonzaga University, Washington, U.S.A. Began a teaching career in 1976 in Wirral, Merseyside, UK. Emigrated to British Columbia 1992. Singer/songwriter, poet, broadcaster and proud grandfather! Married to Linda in 1975, children Emma, Helen and Dan three cool grandsons, Eli & Zach & Ben, and a grandaughter Imogen. Currently working in school administration in B.C.)

The Best Poem Of Bob Oldfield

He's Here! (Ode To A New Grandson)

He's here!
He's out of hiding
And ready to face the world

He's here!
He's joined the race.. the human one..
Long distance

He's switched apartments
More elbow room
A chance to run off steam
Go out and beat the world

He's been training for this
And now he's here
And ready to go
Go, Eli, go!

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Bob Oldfield Popularity

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