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Facebook Prayers

God does not read, i.e. hear many
FB prayers (pert' near all - if any) .
To seek the Living God,
To most t'wd seem quite odd,

Blasphemy Against Trump

Blasphemy against Trump

Donald Trump. We all know he's no priest,
Using profanity in daily speech. Well, at least

High School Reunion 50th

I’ll somehow get gas for my automobile,
Also buy something nice to wear from Goodwill;
I’d get both the two,
‘Cause I want to see who,

A Letter From Santa

A Letter From Santa

My First Fishing Trip

Went with dad to Port Isabel to learn to fish,
‘Cause to catch a fish I told him that I did wish.
So to Purdy’s Court fishing pier,

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Retired middle school Technology teacher; Past Department Chair of Technology at Houston Community College; Member of The Board of Directors at The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country 2014-2015; Present talks and write magazine articles for 'The Canyon Lake VIEWS' on the subject of Native American Indians. Applied Anthropologist, Author of si ...

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