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Why does the moon smile, mother
as it blooms above the sky.

‘Bird Patience’

Every turn you make
Vigilant on every fish

We've been together a while
Two strangers exchanging smile
It only takes a moment
To sweep me like a torrent

God, our loving and compassionate Lord
Jesus Christ, only begotten, divine Word
And Holy Spirit, inspiration of my words
All lovely and beautiful things

The veracious reason why
It is hard to say goodbye
‘cause our hearts are connected
With strings of love committed

In that fine summer day
We're out for the fields to play
I gently ran whistling
Inviting cool air to sing

Bakit ang bagal ng orasan
Ang pagpalit ng mga buwan
Pwede po bang pakibilisan
Sana'y 'wag ng idahan-dahan

Kapag tumila na ang ulan
At ang baha'y wala na sa daan
Puso ko'y nananabik sa'yo aking sinta
Na makita ang sigla sa iyong mga mata.

I walk

On the carpet of green
The feeling is serene

Every minute my mind faints
Can anybody be like you
And imitate what you do?

The streetlights hum 
dark syllables as 
do the trees and 
the kitchen windows.   


It made me cold
Hearing what you told
Knowing that you left
It made me bereft.

Since the first time I met you
I could not forget about you
As time went by
I know very well why.

In the shadow of still darkness
To trail the escaping goodness
Before modesty disappears
Like ducts pouring out fast with tears

Shattered under the crisp wind
Beaten and defeated in the end
Ten feet below the ground
Heart and soul are bound

Maraming pagkakataon
Ang lumaho't lumipas
Kubli't ‘di maipamalas
Mga tinig na nakabaon

God paints beautifully
The grey sky
The inverted rainbow smile
A round robe of green

I am trained to beg and plead
In every occasion and need
I scour all corners and places
Selecting those with cards of aces.

One, two, three, four and five
Come join and jive
Find your rhythm
Have it in every game.

In the town of Bethlehem
Three wise men came
Bringing gifts for Him
The Saviour of all men.

borgjie distura Biography

Being me
Obscures me
Good nature?
I am what?
Explain it!
Beat if necessary
Drain my doubts
Sleepless nights
Tired and weary I become
Unveil reality please!
Rescue me now
Ask me not, how?

I am Borgjie Bacelonia Distura. I was the third child of six siblings. I was born on April 6,1987 and it was the start of my wonderful and unique existence. And this is the story of my own journey in faith to God.
I grew up in a home were faith is given importance. I grew up in an extended type of home where grandparents, parents, siblings and nephews live together.
My father is a lawyer who would seldom go to mass unless there is a solemnity or important occasion. Nevertheless, he has that value for good conduct, discipline, hard work and compassion for the needy especially to his clients, his friends and even strangers. His daily life is a manifestation of his own understanding of faith to God. It is his way of worshiping and giving glory to God.
My mother is a simple housewife who would make the balance as regards faith. It is her faith coupled with her very own life which is inspiring and contagious. She is the one who first taught me to the basic prayers. She is the one who first taught me to walk without braces not just in terms of my feet but more so in terms of my faith.
It was at this very same home where I inherited my religious belief from my parents who in turn inherited from my grandparents especially from my grandmother. It was at this very home where I learned to fear God. It was at this very home where I learned that faith alone is just a superstition. It was at this very home where I learned that true faith must always be coupled with good works and genuine love. It was at this very home where I first encounter the love of God manifested by the love of my parents to each other and to us their siblings. It is at home where I saw and then learned many Christian values of respect, love, trust, piety, honesty and sincerity. It is at home where my journey of faith to God all started.
My childhood was colorful. It was fun-filled. Countless days, moments and memories were experienced. I spent my primary school years at the nearby elementary school where I also had the chance to hone basic skills. It was at this school also that I had the chance to make very good friends with others. My childhood was not just confined to our home, little by little, I was being exposed to different people in our community. Summertime was the best of all during this time. Beach! ! ! My birthday was always at the beach with my parents and siblings. Sports! ! ! Playing with my brother and school friends at the plaza or at one another's houses or playgrounds. Adventure! ! ! Going to mountains, rivers, ponds, lakes. Roaming around the neighborhood, in the forests to look for spiders, trap and catch birds.
Along with these experiences, i also had the chance to learn household chores like cleaning the house, feeding the animals like pigs, chicken etc., gather water for our kitchen, cook, wash the dishes, and study at night after dinner.
I also can still vividly remember those days when we were brought by my grandma to the church to hear mass on Sundays. I can still remember wearing my new and beautiful clothes in going to mass on my birthday and other big celebrations like Christmas.
Every night back then we would always pray the rosary and grandma would usually lead the prayer. It was my grandma who will call and remind us including my cousins who were with us that time to pray the holy rosary. It was her who will always call the attentions of those naughty grandchildren or wake us up when we fell asleep. Her enthusiasm to pray was inspiring and she was consistent. It was my grandma who was the team leader, my mother the assistant leader and us (including some of our cousins) siblings as the grumbling-sleeping members. Even at the bigger community in our barangay, my grandma would lead those elderly ones so much so that during the culmination of her thirty one days of novena and devotion to Mary during May there would be many cantors, visitors and neighbors at home. I loved it. I loved the snacks of course, plenty of snacks.
I could also remember how she would pray twice as hard when one of her grandchildren would get sick. How she would pray the novenas in honor of the saints I did not know at that time. How she would pray all the mysteries of the holy rosary and its litanies in one night. And it was effective. It was miraculous. Until one time, my younger and baby sister got terribly sick. As always, she prayed. She prayed hard. We prayed. I prayed seriously, sincerely too. At the end of the rosary, I could still remember her daring and bold words asking the mercy and healing of Christ and the intercession of her beloved Mother Mary. It was not a plea anymore for life. It was an exchange, a bargain of her life in favor for the life of my younger baby sister. Her words were sincere when she said O Lord, God, spare the life of my Granddaughter, take my life instead if you may please. Shortly after, my sister recovered from her illness but shortly after too my beloved Lola Berta got sick and eventually died. It was a blessing and at the same time a loss. But I didn't understand what happened. All I knew was that my sister got well, and my lola passed away. I could have asked God, why. But I just kept it with me and my God. I am grateful still to God to have given me a grandmother, a loving one, a prayerful one and a faithful one. Her memories will I continue to cherish. Her legacy will I continue to remember. Her trust, her piety, her sincerity will I continue to be grateful of. Her life was an instrument that I may know and have faith in God. She was my lola, whose love to God and Mary is my precious inheritance.

My mother took charge when my grandma died. It was my mother who will then lead us. I remember when I was in elementary yet, my mother would bring us also to attend the anticipated mass at the chapel half a mile away from our home. We would walk back to our home together with others because the sun was down by the time the mass would end. I also remember when we would be asked by her to respond as we prayer the rosary. I also remember I prayed for my father to come home with plenty of food chips coupled with rented VHS tapes. These are experiences at home. But there was one experience as regards praying that I cannot forget when I was in elementary. At that time, there was still that image of the Our Lady of Fatima being brought by devotees to different houses. And the image would stay for a night in the home of a particular family. (It is sad that the practice is gradually vanishing.) During that time, I was ill and I felt unpleasantly cold. My mother asked me to lead the holy rosary so that according to her I might get well and be able to play again with the other children the next afternoon. I was wearing a sweater when I lead but after the prayer I had to remove it because I was already sweating. I felt lighter after the prayer. I did not know what happened. But I was assured that I can play the next day.
As a child, my family was the conduit of my learning and my faith. My family taught me early in childhood valuable lessons for my life and it is the same family who initiated me into my wonderful journey of faith in God. Up until now, I still continue my voyage and journey with them.
During my elementary years, I did not know what the seminary was all about in all sense of the word. It was by God’s grace that I studied and finished my high school at the seminary still with the loving support of my family. It was at the seminary where I came to know and was exposed to liturgical services more. It was at this place also where I began my simple appreciation of the importance of prayer. It was at this institution also that my call or my vocation to the priesthood was gradually growing. It was an ordinary call but was nurtured and developed little by little at St. Pius X Seminary. I have had a meaningful stay at SPXS, both good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant. Nevertheless, they all shaped my vocation to the priesthood in particular and my life in general.
Pursuing my college years at the seminary was never that really hard. I decided to continue to the major seminary for one main reason and that is the joy that I found in the formation. I was never sure that I want really to be a priest when I graduated in high school. I never had the slightest clue that I was able to say that I will be a priest. For me, as long as I can find joy in what I do and in what situation I have that would sustain me enough to stay.
At the major seminary, I have the chance to have a firmer grasp of my religious beliefs and a clear understanding of the meaning and significance of the faith I have. It is at the major seminary that I am convinced of my faith – its dynamism and value. I am continuing the journey in faith which is made more meaningful and sublime by my continual and persistent joyful response to my vocation to the priesthood which entails a selfless giving – a total surrender to God.
As regards the mystery of the future, I still will lovingly entrust my faith to God with a sense of hope and courage that no matter what happens God will continue to remain faithful. As regards the future of my vocation I could candidly say that it would always be aimed for God’s own pleasure.
This is my story of faith which was inherited, upheld thereafter, later coupled with an ordinary call involving an extraordinary surrender and my story does not end here for the journey…continues! Keep the faith and Godspeed.

This work is dedicated to Freya May Lara, the woman I'm lucky enough to call my 'caz'.

The Best Poem Of borgjie distura

‘the Moon’ (A Parody Of ‘the Sea’ By Natividad Marquez)

Why does the moon smile, mother
as it blooms above the sky.

Because the moon loves to observe, my dear
Those buddies passing by.

Why does the moon blanch, mother
As if someone disappeared?

He is saddened by the envious clouds
Because he is sheltered.

Why is the moon so bright, mother
As if it is just five kilometers at sight?

Because he wants hurl our anxious night
By shedding his formidable light.

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