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Take me for a walk along the river
On the meadow nestled into the edge
Where the sun sings from above
And the wind my dress raises up

It is difficult to tell the heart: "do not cry"
For that which is buried in its depths
It is difficult not to write that it yearns so
Away from home somewhere in a foreign land


You wrap yourself around me like a snake
Directing to my ear hissed spells
You have bitten me in my neck with your teeth
And injected into my skin a drop of venom

The north Star in the sky flickers
Pointing the way for lost hikers
I wonder how many weary pilgrim's
Just wandered astray in life


It will always protect you - trust me
so she told her mother
she clutched it in her hand until it hurts

when you're alone so much all alone
and that is not your fault at all
when someone in spite of the truth
on your shoulder puts all blame

I miss you as the air to live
your smile is the sun to me
and your glimpse is food for my soul
feed me up with your love my beloved

I was waiting for a miracle
Everyone told me be strong
Do not show tears
You go through the pros and cons

Bozena Helena Mazur Nowak Biography

Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak was born in 1958 and comes from Opole (Poland) . In search of work she migrated to the UK. She now enjoys a nursing career. Her poems were published on web portals. Many work of the poet can be found on her Facebook profile. Bozena Helena's literary debut was the line 'our love' (2011) , which won first place in the competition of one line. This poem and many others, was published in the pages of The Polish Observer, Angora. The poet has released three volumes of poetry in Polish. The first 'on the banks of the river called life' in 2011, the second 'ticket to the Happiness station' in 2012, the third 'on the departure bridge ' in 2013. Rows Bozena Helen Mazur - Nowak included in the Anthology of Emigration Poetry 'Beautiful People Poets of My Emigration' published in 2012 by Adam Siemienczyk. In 2013, was released anthology, Contemporary Writers of Poland 'by Danuta Danuska Blaszak which contains poems and poets silhouette. Verses author, translated by herself into English, published in the Australia, U.S.A and the UK. She was a poet issue' in March 2013 'in the quarterly' New Mirage Journal '(USA) . Her work has been presented in Writing The Polish Diaspora (USA) . Bozena Helena Mazur - Nowak is a member of The Poetry Society of London, Academy of American Poets and many more. In July 2013 a book of selected poems in English, which was released under the auspices of the International English Association (IPPA) , based in London (UK) . This new book is a collection of love poems. It is touching, and lyrical. This collection is special because it establishes that Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak is skilled in writing and translating her poetry into English. Her work is simple and accessible, but lyrical and well crafted. The poet has many close contacts with poets all over the world, and has been invited to participate in exciting international poetic endeavors. She is glad that her poetry is appreciated and also understandable to readers without 'Polish roots.' In May 2014 a new collection of her poems was published in Canada by Brian Wrixton Books, Ontario. Now she is working on her first novel 'Blue Cottage'. The book is complete in Polish. English version should be ready by the end of 2014. is humbled to announce it's fifth 'Poet Gratitude Award', an up and coming monthly award to a Poet on the site. This month's award goes to Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak for her poem Sunrise at the Seaside and for creating life, community, growth and &c on the poetry train, here on Facebook & You tube, and the home-site. https: // v=mWFLfZjB9jE)

The Best Poem Of Bozena Helena Mazur Nowak

Happiness, As A Slice Of Bread

Take me for a walk along the river
On the meadow nestled into the edge
Where the sun sings from above
And the wind my dress raises up

Pick up for me a bouquet of wild flowers
Tangle love into it with a pink ribbon
On the bench under the fragrant jasmine
Read poems written in the spring

In the evening back to home
Let's hear the crickets lullaby
Under the sky that we favor
Let's have bread that smells of happiness

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Bozena Helena Mazur Nowak Popularity

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