Bradley Lester

Rookie (18-07-1966 / Western Cape, Cape Town)

Bradley Lester Poems

1. Valentines Poem Of Silence 4/8/2009
2. Is It Wrong? 4/8/2009
3. Moments Of Silences Between Friends 4/15/2009
4. Missing And Wishing 4/16/2009
5. Brads Quotations 1-20 4/17/2009
6. Reassuring Friendship 4/20/2009
7. I Miss You Still 4/20/2009
8. Lost Love......... 4/20/2009
9. Thank You For Loving Me For A While 4/20/2009
10. The First Embrace 4/21/2009
11. The Closeness 4/21/2009
12. What Is Love 4/21/2009
13. Acceptance 4/21/2009
14. The Future 4/21/2009
15. I Cannot Wait To See Your Smile 4/23/2009
16. Brads Quotations 41-60 4/23/2009
17. Brads Quotations 61-80 4/23/2009
18. I Just Need You Today................ 4/23/2009
19. Will You Be The One................. 4/24/2009
20. In My Garden There Is A Place 4/28/2009
21. Please Baby, Will You Come And Lay With Me? 4/28/2009
22. I Am Scared That You May Not Want Me Anymore 4/29/2009
23. I Wouldn'T Want To Lose You, Even As A Friend 4/29/2009
24. So Far Yet So Close 4/8/2009
25. Sunken Love.................................. 4/9/2009
26. Oh How My Soul Doth Ache......... 4/22/2009
27. Silent Tears That Flow From Deep Within 4/30/2009
28. I Still Got The Blues For You........ 4/30/2009
29. The Would Be Dinner Date 4/30/2009
30. Please Soar With Me................... 4/30/2009
31. I Miss Your Burning Passion 4/30/2009
32. Every Day Comparisons 4/30/2009
33. My Serenade Song 5/1/2009
34. In The Still Of The Silence 5/1/2009
35. Brads Quotations 80-100 5/4/2009
36. Please Help Me I Am Lost 5/4/2009
37. They Sometimes Do Not Understand 5/5/2009
38. The Changing Wind Is Confusing Me 5/5/2009
39. Disappearing Memories 5/5/2009
40. Accused Selfishly 5/5/2009
Best Poem of Bradley Lester

A Few Simple Gestures

These are simple things I'd do, if you were mine to stay
I'd do these things, to show I care, the morn of each new day
I'd make you coffee, muffins too, and set them by your side
When you awake I'd kiss you 'hi', in you I would confide

I'd walk the miles in rain and sleet, to buy your favorite book
I'd walk back home, a happy man, along the gushing brook
The smell of fresh ground coffee, I enter and feel warm
I hand the covered book to you, still dry despite the storm

Your thankfulness is present, I see it in your eyes
You hold the book against your bosom, ...

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Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong for me to worry and be concerned, or to think these things

I'm worried and concerned that maybe no-one hugs you unexpectedly from time to time
I'm worried and concerned that maybe you are not held closely
I'm worried and concerned that you dont experience wonderful close intimate moments
I'm worried and concerned that maybe no-one kisses you regularly
I'm worried and concerned that maybe no-one tries to make you feel special
I'm worried and concerned that maybe no-one whisper

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