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My Baby Boy

Dear Lord, I come to you with a heavy heart on my knees I pray for you to watch over my son yes my baby boy I know he's made mistakes.He has lost his freedom for that.Can you send a Angel to watch over him at night time and through the day somehow let him know that I'm always here.when they lock the cell bars up at night.Lay your hands over him lord and keep him safe.That one day he will come home. I love and miss him so much.Lord can you forgive me for not being a better mother than I should of been.Maybe he'd be setting here with me instead of the pin.

My Mama

Visiting Hour

If there were visiting hours in heaven I'd always be there I'd never miss one. Even if I had to stay on this side of the pearly gates, I would blow kisses and send so many hugs from everyone. You'd have to pass them around and around. I'd ask you how your days are. Are you really with the rest of our loved ones and friends. I know from down here we can't see you anymore but I feel you everyday.pass our hugs and love to each and everyone until we see you again one day.

Damn Death

No Longer Afraid.

Stone For Stone

Walking In the moonlight, on a distant shore.Black magic, black mother let me pain no more.For the time has come for me to be alone.I must be this way for you have hit me with your last stone.I dug a ditch a long ways from here, I planted some lilies there. As I dug a grave for myself out in the middle of nowhere.As I head to the darkness where light has never shown.Tears keep coming and loneliness, heartache, the scars I'll forever show.Shall i ever find who I wants was.I must hide my face and you should hide yours.Darkness is among us now.I don't hear any sound.Lord please forgive me as I'm about to sin…l asked you not to throw stones at me.That means you offered me pain.You are a sight for sore eyes.Now darkness of evil has opened inside me.My broken bones all the pain, Nightmares there's not a worse feeling to wake up and not have your memory.Someone else to feed you clean you.Screaming over and over, what the hell has happened to me.All for what? Lord only knows. always heard sticks and stones may break your bones.But you will never hurt me. We are here now.The grave I dug. See, it never was for me.It's for you...

The Storm

When this storm finally passes and you wonder how you made it through so each day that passes and learn what to do how to deal with it inside prison you think you made a brand that's all over with and bars close once again not even sure if the World is still the same deal for you and they're moving forward each and every day.One thing that is certain. When you come out.You will not be the same person who walked in.Although many people ride the same storm over and over again. Oh myself I'll never forget the storm that I was in but I'll try to prevent ever going back again when I put an alarm is around your neck and tell you I love you and I hope you never go back I pray to God every day that my children hate that storm that never ends.

Don't Cry For Me.

I met GOD today.
Be strong and smile,
for you will see me,

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