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Unconditional Val

Tall or short
Dark or pale
Handsome or ugly
Rich or poor

Re: Sharing A Secret By Rachel Nichols

Your secret you've shared
My secret it's stared
Such audience you've dared
Privacy is dead

Understanding Sayings

What I say now
You get from how
When first your how
Then merge my how

Einheit In Vielfalt!

Es ist einfache Kompliziertheit
Nur wenn Sie wollen, die Realität
Sicher nicht ohne die Varietät
Im Wortschatz heißt es die Vielfalt

I Seem Deprived, But...

Not for His Wickedness
But His Loving Kindness
HE Makes it His Business
How I go about my Business

Brave Hearts Quotes

14 February 2019

Our world would be a peaceful one if every lesson was taken personally.

29 June 2019

Truth is preferably told than heard.

29 June 2019

Even fifteen years of courtship will never replace the first year of marriage.

29 June 2019

Truth, integrity and excellence will grant peace, long-life and prosperity. (TIE will grant PLP)

29 June 2019

Learning belongs to children. If you love life, live learning.

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