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luv to read, write poetry, cook, clean hey just being meeh. born in gulfport, ms, baltimore, md is ma hometown fa lyfe, i have 0 kids but wnt them 1 day, very outspoken but not loud lol at least idt! 17yrs old, luv being around people, h8 negativity.If yooh dnt understand ma poetry dnt b shy ta ask meeh questions i dnt bite. Bye

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Why do I feel the way I do. The urge, the need to be with you. I need to know why, why is it you make me wanna go run and hide, from everyone else, so that there's no her, him, he or she. No one else but you and me?

Why do I wanna cry for the simple things, like looking in your light brown eyes. Could it be I'm in love, If not what is this wonderful feeling from up above? It can't be hate b/c I appreciate everything you do. Your eyes and your smile brighten up my day. I want to say alot just not today.

Why do I feel this way with you, idk maybe b/c of the things you do. I wish you knew the truth on how I felt, but it seems our hand has already been dealt. Your in love with her, but I'm in love with you. Seeing you with her just makes me blue. But being with her make you so true.

Why don't you know I exist, all this going on in my mind? Why do you just see me as a friend, b/c with all these feelings I'm willing to make ammends. Just leave everybody alone girls, boys, and men. I love you why don't you understand? You're real, tru my perfect man. Forget all the money, cars, and fame. I see outside all that call you by your name. No it's the same you see. But if I can't have you I would rather die lonely.

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Bre Keyes Popularity

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