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1. Abduction 5/2/2011
2. Teenager Finally Freed 5/2/2011
3. List Poem, Liquid 5/2/2011
4. Repetitive Perhaps Rap 5/2/2011
5. Situation Isolation 5/2/2011
6. Spray It Freewrite 5/2/2011
7. Anorexia 5/2/2011
8. Fearing Corruption 5/2/2011
9. Freewrite 5/2/2011
10. Arent You Going To Miss Me? 5/2/2011
11. In 500 Years 5/2/2011
12. Desert 5/2/2011
13. Where Did You Go 5/2/2011
14. Hidden Under My Smile 5/2/2011
15. Athlete 5/2/2011
16. Running 5/2/2011
17. Figuring Out Nothing 5/2/2011
18. Lucid Forever 5/2/2011
19. Because 5/2/2011
20. Probably Messed Up Pantoum 5/2/2011
21. Great Father 5/2/2011
22. Free From My Father 5/2/2011
23. Stoned 5/2/2011
24. My Biggest Fan 5/2/2011
25. Rhetorical Question 5/2/2011
26. Moving Out 5/2/2011
27. Highschool Friendships 5/2/2011

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Highschool Friendships

High school friendships rarely last
Eventually school becomes a blurry past
As we get caught up in our lives
Forget to be good husbands and wives
Constantly working to pay bills and taxes
No one stops and relaxes
Kids are ignored by busy parents
Who always get in arguments
As we move along its work, eat, sleep
We all continue weather happy or sad
And sometimes we miss the high school friends we had

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She ordered from the menu
Everything within you
She sat and sipped on her drink
It burned her tongue and she couldn’t think
She spilled her soup on her spoon
And got up and left at noon
When she got home she found a note
That gave her directions to a boat
So she drove down to a boat

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